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Los Angeles, California, United States
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Tuesday, March 15, 2011 - 318 weeks ago
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October 25, 2010
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University of Michigan
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American Treasury professional, 3x European Physique champion, internationally published photographer and model, and business consultant qualified with an MBA and Masters in Finance from a Top 10 American business school.

Expertise in working with highly leveraged companies and developing strategies to deal with challenging issues such as preserving liquidity, covenant compliance, risk management, etc.

In addition I have leveraged my other backgrounds as a photographer/model and I have worked with companies the United States, Australia, and throughout Europe in roles as a sponsored athlete and business/marketing consultant to develop short – long term marketing strategies, provide advice on the niche fitness/health markets in Europe and America.

* 2009 MuscleMania European Model Champion
* 2009 MuscleMania European Ms. Bikini
* 2008 FAME European Fitness Model champion
* 2008 MuscleMania Italia Ms. Bikini

I'm an internationally published photographer based out of Los Angeles.

I started working in the industry as a model in Europe and North America and learned the craft over the years in front of the lens. Over time this evolved into a career as a photographer where I trained under renowned fashion, glamour, and commercial photographers in Paris, Milan, and Belgium. My images are being used by well-known modeling agencies throughout Europe, advertising campaigns in Australia, and published in a number of international magazines.

Now based in Los Angeles, my work has expanded into the fitness arena where you can see my content in Muscular Development mag and Marathon Muscle mag.

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fitness, fashion, glamour, beauty, photography
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Thanks jaymie, Anonymous. I appreciate the feedback :)

You are an extremely talented photographer Natalie! Obviously you are very talented at so many things!! I was once with a start-up digital photography company. Photography is a hobby of mine. Unfortunately, after a decent run, the company dissolved. We set out to transform the world of analog photography about ten years ago but we were ahead of our time. Now the quality of digital photography is so much more advanced! Again, very impressive work!

Keep showcasing your work on Asiance!

20343 points

I agree! Her pictures are great!

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