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New York, NY, United States
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Thursday, September 22, 2016 - 36 weeks ago
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February 17, 2009
Chinese American
Post Grad
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I tell it like it is. I tell the truth. If you don't like that then you won't like me.

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5736 points


Stop giving this bitch attention she says she doesn't look at color then puts down Asian men saying Asian men are bad all over the Internet LISTEN this is pointless of course they are Asian men with big dongs who are extremely good in bed. ( me being one :) I guess I'm blessed) she prob gets off on this prob bc she has been bullied by whites and blacks when she was younger and has an ingrained twisted psyche on unsubconcsienly putting down her own race seen this often... Sad... She will never be happy and never be able to be fully accepted in either culture... Sad

Hi Nancy~ If You Want~ I Have a Facebook Page~ Email Me At herbysan@yahoo.com I Was Deleting All My Pictures And Comments~ The Administration Got Mad And Kicked Me Out~ It's Fine Because I Was Deleting My Profile~ Then Was Going To DeActivate My Account Anyways~ But Feel Free To Contact Me Via Facebook~ Just Email Me and I Will Give You The Info~ If You Want~ And Please~ If This Gets Through~ Delete This On Your Page~ Thanks~

6787 points

What info are you talking about?

Hey NancyLee when can we expect another positing from you. Your writing is interesting and bold. Your candor and the give-no-fucks persona I'm down with.
On another note i can sympathize with a few male posters in your comment sections of your profile wall, but complaining about racism while at the same instance showing the same racist bigotry directed at black males makes their complaints of racism moot.

My Facebook Information~ If You Want~ Email Me and I Will Give You My Facebook Name~ Again~ If You Receive This Please Delete It~ Thanks~ herbysan@yahoo.com

Your rant against asian male is just a reflection of deeper issue u have. Obviously u r thinking about the next black long dong cock u wanna suck. Have fun but once u insult asian we will go all out on u fucking slutty cun. A cun not worthy to b a part of the Chinese race.

Your are not Chinese. a proper chinese would never brag about their sexual escapede because of the adverse implication it has on u. No worry your blog is being passed along so that the Asian community knows your hatre, throwing bullshit rants against the asian male. We will gather enough masses to boycott Asiancemagazine's site as a legit protest against your hatre against asian males. Shit like that has no place on the Asiancenagazine site as it supposeldy a largely asian female users. U R INSULTING THESE FEMALE'S HUSBANDS, DAD, UNCLEA AND GRANDFATHERs. ASIANCENAGAZINE HAS NO PLACE FOR U AS A LOSER BLOGGER AS IT REPRESENTS HATEFUL,LAUGHING AT THE ASIAN MALE LIKE CHARLIE CHAN MOVIES. WHAT U THINL.IS FUNNY IS AN ABSOLUTE INSULT TO THE ASIAN MALE.

Your parent must loose face after finding out you suck and fuck many blacks. There's one word: Slut! And you wear that proudly. Now that u made your parents loose face but you realized you couldn't find yourself an asian guy or girl because they won't touch you with a 10ft electrical pole. Your anger towards asian as a result of your pen up fustration trying hard to go find a mate of your own. NO ONE TAKES U SERIOUSLY. LOOK IN THE MIRROR AND KNOW THAT U R A SLUT, A SLUT WITH ANGER PROBLEM. SO CONTINUE TAKING IT IN YOUR ANAL SO THAT IT WILL HELP U ALEVIATE SOME OF UR ANGRY TOWARDS UR OWN KIND. ONE WORD WORTH REPEATING: SLUT SLUT SLUT !

You got it! She is a slut big time! And she calls all the men that visit this site perverts. Not the case! Most are smart enough to realize that she's the pervert and most likely carries a ton of S.T.D.'s

6787 points

Did you mean 'LOSE Face'? hahah! I guess you haven't read ALL my articles and blog posts. Just the 'black man' one. Let's be honest, who is really the racist here? And I do date Asian guys, just not ones with anger issues like you. Winston Lu is this you?

Asiancemagzine is a disgrace allowing your racial hatre rants against asian males. Remember this, the vast majority of your users on this website are asian woman married to asian men. So to throw racial slurt at their husbands is the same as saying to these womens face.
We realized going for the shock value is something u aspire to do on behalf of Asiancemagazine, but at the expense of your users, predominantly asian woman. To insult their spouse is to insult these asian woman, your base,your users.

We urge Asiancemagazine's owners to immediately cease Nancy Lee's blog. We know that Asiancenagazine is not a racist site. However sitting silent and do nothing is the same as tolerating the stupid shit she makes up.

Yes a man's dick different size, small to latge. It's what u do with it that counts way more than any2 else. Who the fuck cares if we have small dicks. It's the RACIAL SLURS YOU ARE THROWING AROUND THAT IS UNACCEPTABLE. WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO INSULT YOUR READERS AND USERS, PREDOMINANTLY ASIAN WOMEN AND AND MOST OF THEIR ASIAN HUSBANDS.
WE SINCERELY URGE YOU TO DISASSOCIATE YOURSELF FROM Nancy Lee's blog. It has no place. At least on your site.

American Asian of Northern California.

Hi! I am trying to get a hold of you for a story I'm writing on fake bloggers / party crashers. Saw this post you wrote:

What is the best way to reach you?

6787 points

why? Who is this?

I feel sorry about you slut!! How can you compare asian
Men and black men and put down your own race bitch you don't even sound like a women a real women doesn't promote fake stereotypes and hatred among races. You don't judge a men by the color of his
Skin you judge a man by the man that is within!!! And you the only women I ever
Heard of the call the black men the alpha male?? I heard many call the white and latino the alpha male
But never the black men!! You should be ashamed of yourself!! We all know the asian
Guys don't have a lot of confidence and you clearly are not helping them to get more confidence
But what goes around comes around and sometime the knight is kill by his own sword and HIV with black men is not a stereotype is a fact so don't be surprise if one day you get HIV by a black men and die slowly in bed while remembering how hard you tried to
Uplift black men and they were the end of your miserable and worthless life. Your are the
Lowest human and you shouldn't even call yourself a women

6787 points

Thank you for your kind words..And no, I don't judge a man by the color of his skin. I judge a man by the size of his dong. Get over it, mini me! I mean Winston Wu is a Big Lu!

Hi Nancy,

I just read your article "Asian men vs. Black men" and I couldn't help but wonder if you thought black men were better in bed than Asian men since you. barely wrote anything regarding the sexual prowess of Asian men other than they have little better. As an Asian Guy I would like to believe that a vocal Asian woman like yourself would find at least find us comparable to black men in bed. Best

6787 points

Not in my experience.sorry! Despite my bad experiences, it has not scarred me and I am willing to try it out again, should one pique my interest.

You're pretty no doubt, but you have a very ugly attitude and personality. PEACE!!

6787 points

Thanks genius!

hi. thanks for your intrepid work. Please note that legal services have been contacted with regards to your article. They suggested a civil suit based on defamation. In addition, Asiance board of advisors will be contacted as well.

6787 points

what happened to FAKE BLOGGER BITCH? I have more pictures of her crashing the Daisy Fuentes show and gave them to the publicists!!! hahahahahah LOSER!

6787 points

Who dis? My latest fan, Fake Blogger Bitch? lol..oh look at the big baby...ohhhh defamation....I suggested you look up the definition before you continue to look like a MAJOR LOSER!!! LOL!

6787 points

Anyone know what happened to that big mouth Winston Wu aka Lu!?

Mukesh Sen Koo
776 points

Hi Nancy.. i love your blogs...keep doing :-))

Hi Nancy Lee,
Thanks for your critique of me. Check out all the compliments about you in my forum in response. :)


6787 points

oh goodie can not wait to read the complimentary comments from a bunch of Asian male bashers!

Love her so many white guys here posting . Ah Asian fever is alive and well

you mean, yellow fever.

739 points

In high school, my friends and I used to say "hot females", pronouncing the latter word to rhyme with "tamales", not that we ever really spoke to any of those in those days. :P

Presster John
229 points

Like you work. Your brave. Might help some people. Really nice that people can say what they want.
Asian Fetisher. I have my own Asian. Yes, I said I own her. And she owns me. And I got the better deal! God is good.

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