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East Orange, NJ, United States
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December 26, 2009
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Don't hate me, I'm just an alien.

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1411 points

Hey Admin,

Developing story here in O.C. Terrible news. Here's OC Weekly, which is one of those alternative newspapers:


Also the OC Register, a mainstream newspaper: http://www.ocregister.com/news/car-479026-couple-inside.html

There's also the Daily Titan, student newspaper at Cal State Fullerton: http://www.dailytitan.com/2013/02/assistant-womens-basketball-coach-foun...

The school has a statement on its website as well: http://news.fullerton.edu/2013sp/Quan-Death.asp

48288 points


73 points

Hi Admin, Thanks for adding me as your friend. i like your site. keep it up with your good work!

I''m the team leaderofr Zen Station's 'The Test' from the 2012 72 hours shootout sponsored by Asian American Film Lab. I notice that the top ten winner announcement excerpt does not include a link to our short film. Here is the link:


Could you please include it?

Thank you in advance,

Randy Lao
Zen Station

152 points

This is an amazing website and we will do all we can to spread the word about it.

My wife and I would like to say Thank you to Heather for helping us find our lovely house, Your professionalism service was terrific ,We are extremely happy and wish you all the best in your career.Shokran & Mo Sleet

1871 points

How's the Geo interview going? Haven't heard about it yet.

Hi Jaymie

Hi Jaymie,

My name is Supadra Geronimo. I am a part of Rack Starz group you wrote and article on about a week ago. I would love to talk to you more personally about my company Siam Natural Soap. I would also love to send you some of our products for you to try and talk to you more. Please shoot me an email at supadra@siamnaturalsoap.com

Looking forward to hearing from you!!


1871 points

Just wondering how things are going for you. :)

1871 points

Hey Jaymie. I just got your comment, I was just wondering the details of the summer internship. You can send it to my email: Maiqbui@yahoo.com

Hi Sophia. I just have gone thru ur latest post

48288 points

Power outages all over nyc area. Back asap! Thanks Irene!

1727 points

Question: When I registered I signed up as a "reader". Can this be changed at this point? Can I change it to filmaker or do I have to re-register and if I do will I lose my wall postings?:

48288 points

Yes Jaymie or I can change your membership role, if the need arises.

48288 points

Should we do it now Tod? :)

785 points

What happen to Marisa Sung? She had some some strong opinionated articles for a white woman?

48288 points

White woman? lol. Why do you think she is white?

257 points

Walking man, keep walking.

20343 points

Toddy, My favorite web developer, I like the new calendar!

785 points

This site is gaining too many white guys and spammers than Asian male members. Where is the love in the AA community? There are 2-3 other AA sites I go to that have a good ethnic mixture of Asians males and females. Thank you for my comment here.

6787 points

Don don't be a racist! We can not help it if all colors of the rainbow like us Asian girls!

48288 points

That's because Asian guys aren't pursuing their Asian sistas!

785 points

@ Admin That is not entirely true. Unfortunately the most popular article here gets alot of postings by anonomyous Asian guys reacting to that thinking every other Asian American female desires every white men on the planet. On the contrary, only me and a few others do join this site because we have no problems interacting, socializing and attracting other attractive Asian females in real life. I hope you can promote some sense of Asian love and dialogue in the community. I give credit to Marissa Sung postings as she has reflected on it on her writings.
@Nancy. How do you call me that (being a minority in the country) when I can respect interracial love and marriage based on mutual respect and cultural understanding. I don't respect relationships on pre-concieved sexual fetish stereotypes and exclusion of those of your own race.

6787 points

not every Asian female desires a white man, just saying. I wrote a few articles promoting the Asian man....seems white men just can't get enough of us.

20343 points

Don, We're still waiting for a dating article from you, since you are such a hot asian man!

Face it! Dons a dork!

48288 points

Post or show me some examples of what you are looking for! We'll get it done!

We'll get it done! It's got to be a joke! Nothing gets done!

Hi Admin!

I've a question: Is that photo your using yours? Or you just using it has avatar?

Why i ask.... I have seen this photo on VietnamCupid.com


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