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Sexual violence in speech.

This is to Asian American men who read this...

Many of you have had difficult times in your life... very difficult ones, I'm sure. If you're reading some posts of my past, you know we share this. Resist any inclination to run comparisons that serve to hurt you, trying to compare whose pain was worse. If you're questioning whether you are justified in feeling how you do from social sexual injuries, You are justified. Sexual injury, this is injury to you at the core. That is violent, painful.

I am trying to reach out to people to say it's okay to say,
I am being sexually injured socially, please stop, it hurts.

I was inspired to do something very out of character for me. I'm otherwise fairly private. No Facebook, no Google+, no Twitter, no Tumblr, and no Skype outside of work. I thought that maybe people out there wanted something else to read besides the junk narrative persuading our minds to fear others and protect ourselves.

I'm talking to everyone reading who feels they have had sexual pain in their lives in any way inflicted by society. I'm telling you that you're absolutely justified in your extreme feelings. Sexuality is a sacred self, and you've protected it. But times are changing. Voices are changing. More people speak now with support. We are all together creating the social space for your expansion. So if you'd like a safe place to speak your mind, you can do so here anonymously. There will be support for you.


its official yellow a myth.. When clearly from reading most stories on here and other blogs. I would say Asian women are obsessed with any man of European decent who sports an fair complexion. I can never understand this coming from most Asian.woman. In Puerto Rico we love all our men regardless race skin color etc. Hate to sound bias but I noticed asians native and foreign hold white skin and people in high regards, is this true? Why continue this frame of thinking that is so third world. Furthermore would you agree its non-progressive in a former slave state, Dios mios ...

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I Personally Prefer Asian Woman Over All Other Nationalities~~~ Would I Call It Yellow Fever~~~ Probably Not~~~ Maybe Just A Minor Cold~~~ We Have Plenty Of Colors To Choose From~~~ Be It White,Yellow,Brown,Pink, Or Orange~~~ Ok~~~ Maybe Not The Pink And Orange~~~ Wow~~~ Could See It Now~~~ Orange Fever~~~


Fetisher. That is why no white or asian woman are with you now. LOL!


I would not classify Herby as a fetisher.Your probobly just jealous that he wont throw you a bone. Im a asian woman and love his hippy looks. He is very intelligent and im sure he could find any woman that he wanted. If you ask me its kind of sexy that he is waiting for something special. Ive seen his products on E-bay and im sure he is rich and lives a wonderful life. And just love his admiration towards liss liss.

Jay Bautista

So lame that this guy incesscantly posts his wierd manifesto and desires. Nobody wants to hear it and his face and comments scare alot of people.

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Sorry I Bother You So Much~~~ Just Having Fun Is All~~~ I Will Cut Things Back A Little With My Posts~~~ I Know Its You Marisa Sung~~~ Bashing People From Time To Time~~~ Relax A Little~~~ Enjoy What Brings A Smile To Your Face~~~


Herby, you may be correct....Marisa had a real hard on for Melissa everytime you mention LissLiss the hair on her neck stands up. It's a good thing Marisa went into the Witness Protection Program!

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I'm Neither Rich Nor Poor~~~ Just A Simple Guy That Makes Solar Powered Bird Houses Is All~~~ Work Maybe 2 Hours A Day~~~ I Do Lots Of Sleeping~~~ 10-12 Hours Every Night~~~ That Leaves Me Plenty Of Time To Enjoy Hours Of Asiance~~~ Work Hard In Life And You To Can Enjoy Your Passions In Life~~~


HaHa phony, you are probably Herbysan posting as Anonymous to flatter yourself. Again no woman white, asian, black, hispanic, indian finds him attactive posting too much here and not getting it in the real world.

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