Hi Joanne,
I traveled to Boston recently to visit my son who is
attending college there. He LOVES sticky buns, so Flour
was our first stop. I called both locations at around llam
and both were already out of the buns! I know these are
very popular and just thought, well, maybe you should
make more so your customers aren't disappointed. After
the Bobby Flay experience (which is how we heard of you)
I would think you'd be prepared with plenty of sticky buns
for all. We'll try again next time we're in town.


Joanne, What a pleasant surprise that you took time away from your busy schedule to reply. Thanks.

Glad to hear that you are coming out with a cookbook...can't wait =). Found the cookbook blog on your website and love reading it.
When I make it to Boston, Flour is on my list of 'must sees'. Can't wait!


How is the new restaurant doing? heard some good reviews on some your dishes there. whos the chef?

joanne chang

Fon - good luck to you and thank you so much for your kind words!!
Sharon - My fiance named Flour - he is super creative and knew that such a simple classic name would match what I wanted to do with my bakery. I'm in the process of shopping around my cookbook proposal now - once a publishing house accepts it I think it's about a year before the actual book comes out. The best book to learn about doubling recipes is the Cake Bible by Rose Levy Berenbaum - she goes into it for cakes - for other recipes it depends upon what kind of leavening, if any, is in the recipes. If there is no leavening you should be able to simply multiply upwards. We use a semisweet chocolate for the oreo - i'm re-working the recipe now so i don't have one to share but hopefully i will soon!
Leasa - it all depends upon your oven - in our ovens it takes at least 30 minutes but we have convection ovens which are faster which is why I suggest 40 minutes for a regular oven - like with most things baking you should really use the recipes as a guideline and use your best judgement for things like time in oven - when they are brown all the way on top then they are done.
John - thank you and good luck to you! Vegas is amazing for food and I hope to make it there someday for a visit.


Message is for the moron with the message before mine.
Was going to write a little statement but people like
that arent worth the time.


Hi Joanne..
As everyone else has said, just saw the episode on Food Network a little while ago. Its great to see someone change careers to something they've got a passion for. I graduated with a business degree and did marketing until I wanted something "more" and decided to make that huge leap and change to culinary. Been working at MGM Grand here in Vegas for almost 4yrs now and LOVING it!
Thanks for sharing your great story.. many successes to you :)

Leasa Mulkey

Hi. do you seriously cook the sticky buns for 40 minutes? What takes so long? I'd be afraid they would burn in that length of time............but you're the expert. If you say it is so, it is so.
Thanks for your time and for sharing your recipe



Thank You. You are truly an inspiration. How did you come up with the name of your bakery - Flour - it's simple and cute.

Do you know when you will be coming out with your cookbook? I have waited and waited and can't wait to read it and learn from it. Have tried most of your published recipes and love them all. Thanks for sharing.

Any helpful mathematical hints on how you go abouts doubling, tripling or quadrupling a recipe until the maximum increase renders the recipe un-usable. I don't have a mathematical background, but I know that you simply cannot take a recipe and say, quadruple it and the the same result - there has to be a breaking point and I am not sure how to arrive at that. Do you have any formulas someone could learn from?

Sticky Buns - food network - throwdown
As for the sticky buns, others might want to watch your food network throwdown - loved it.
Here it is:

oreos - amount of chocolate used
One question for you - I watched a video where you were preparing oreos and just wondeirng the amount of chocolate used to make the oreo cookie - is that a chocolate sable cookie you made. Is that also a published recipe? If yes, do you have a link - I would love to try it. The cookies look yummy.

Again, thanks for sharing. I look forward to your cookbook release =)


Hi Joanne,

It's amazing to see you answering the comments yourself!! I came across your name when I was looking for how to knead a dough on youtube and I saw you on a video making puff pastry! I searched your name and have just read your amazing story!! I have a lot of admiration for you :) I have just graduated from university with a good degree and feeling a lot of pressure to get a high-flyer job, knowing that my passion is in cooking and baking. It must have taken a lot of guts for you to leave the consulting job ( same job I am applying for T_T) for a line cook! I hope one day to follow you path and own a small bakery of my own :) People says I'm such a dreamer but I will always have you as my inspiration. :)

joanne chang

Our sticky buns are HUGE so you may very well be getting more than six servings per batch. Each one of ours is about half a pound!! This brioche recipe is confusing and I will request that they change it - after you make the brioche dough through step four, then go directly to the sticky bun shaping at the top of the recipe. In the brioche dough recipe, when it says "shape, cover and proof" that is when you shape the sticky buns, cover them, and proof them. SOrry for the confusion!

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