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Pre-Playboy Naked truth about Sherlyn Chopra Magazine Covers


Pre-Playboy Naked Truth About Sherlyn Chopra Magazine Covers

She has gone nude, and repeatedly so, in the last one month. She is supposedly the first Indian to feature in the hyped Playboy magazine. She is seen comfortably standing with the media Mogul, Hugh Hefner.

Say hello to the current hottie, Sherlyn Chopra. After having a blink-and-miss performance in about ten films and three studio albums to her credit, Sherlyn Chopra has finally arrived onto the tabloid scene of not just Indian, but world-wide media forums.

Sherlyn Chopra, born in Hyderabad in 1984, rose to fame in the early 2000s with her performances in several small budget, A-certified movies.

She starred in movies like Dosti: Friends Forever(2005), Naughty Boy(2006), Game(2007), Red Swastik(2007) to name a few.

Her skin show, ready-to-pounce sex appeal, raunchy lovemaking scenes made her the 'bold' actor with a hot body and a loud mouth.

She has been non-chalant about her sexuality and its expression.

She landed a side-role in an A-lister, Yash Raj Films production, Dil Bole Hadippa in 2009. In this movie also, more than the acting prowess of Sherlyn Chopra, we saw her playing a seductress with plunging necklines, tight skirts and bikinis.

She was playing the image she had created for herself- raw and sultry, but well, she was playing herself in a YRF movie. Everyone thought that was her big break, and finally, she had arrived in Bollywood.

Another small stint in Bigg Boss 3 in 2009 and we all thought that Sherlyn Chopra is the new starlet to watch out for. But then she vanished for a couple of years. New ladies arrived on the scene. Stunners like Rakhi Sawant, Veena Malik and the more recent Poonam Pandey and Sunny Leone hogged the limelight with new-age erotic cinema and sizzling item numbers and reality shows.

Nudity has become the new catch-phrase. Where one model claims to strip if this and that happens, another one hides her private parts on the camera, giving us near-nude pictures. Everyone is attempting at nudity in their own way. It is about getting that spotlight, basking in that fame and becoming the hot-topic.

Cut to 2012. On a dull July evening, when people are winding up their offices and heading home, one girl changes the game.

Sherlyn Chopra announces her photoshoot with the famed Playboy magazine. She tweets pictures with the Playboy monarch Hugh Hefner, posing cosily with him in his mansion.

The announcement was followed by racy, nude pictures, which were, in a bit, removed from the social networking site.

Sherlyn Chopra has managed to hog the limelight on social media and traditional media for over three weeks now.

It was official. Sherlyn Chopra was nude, and now she was famous. She did what her contemporaries were aspiring to do.

She considers herself the liberated Indian woman, who is not shy to flaunt her body, thoughts and sexuality. She speaks as she thinks. In a recent tweet, she said, 'Thanks 2 all those who have applauded my choice 2 b free-spirited n 2 do with my life what I please 2 do.I'm answerable 2 no one but myself.'

In a recent press conference, on being questioned about her Playboy shoot, she aid, 'there is a difference between a porn star and a Playboy girl. Everyone knows there is a difference between posing nude in front of a rolling camera and having sex in front of one. And well, I have only taken the first step till now.'(sic) She starts sniggering after the comment.

She continues, 'this is my life, my body and my work. This is not a local magazine, it is the world-famous Playboy.'(sic)

I am still left with my question, is nudity the ticket to fame? Is the importance of an actor determined by how early the actor strips?

In this case, the answer seems to be yes.

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