Kamala Harris DNC Speech Democratic National Convention

Kamala Harris DNC Speech Democratic National Convention

California Attorney General Kamala Harris said in her Wednesday speech at the Democratic National Convention that the $25 billion settlement between the government and the nation's largest banks shows President Barack Obama's leadership.

"President Obama stood with me and 48 other attorneys general in taking on the banks and winning $25 billion for struggling homeowners," Harris said, noting that Obama also supported credit card and Wall Street reform.

"That's leadership!" Harris continued. "That's what President Obama did. And that's why we need to give him another four years. We need to move forward. President Obama will fight for working families. He will fight to level the economic playing field and fight to give every American the same fair shot my family had."

The Obama administration joined state attorneys general in negotiating a February settlement with the nation's five largest banks following revelations in 2010 that banks had been forging documents in the foreclosure process. The settlement is supposed to provide relief to homeowners in the form of mortgage modifications, reduced principal, and even small cash payments in cases of wrongful foreclosure.

Kamala is a rising star in the Democratic Party and there are even whispers that she is a future Presidential contender. See our interview with Attorney General Kamala Harris!


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