Make the impossible a possibility

Chau Van Truong has set out to venture on a journey to turn Hollywood's negative portrayals of Asians upside down. Throughout its history, Hollywood has depicted Asians as over achievers, dragon ladies, China dolls, foreigners, nerds, criminals, female exotic sexual delights, and villains. The vague descriptions of these deadly perceptions limit Asians to shy away from other psychological and social dimensions of the community. It does not show mainstream audiences the breath, potential, and depth of Asian Americans.

"The portrayals of Asian in the mainstream media are dismal because we are stereotype as one dimensional being and playing up to those descriptions we set up ourselves to be ridicule." Said Chau.

His history breaking movie, "Secrets Kept' will bring mainstream appeal and universal themes of love, hate, revenge, and etc to the big screen. At the same time, "Secrets Kept' will serve as a platform for Asian actors/actresses to showcase their talents. The complexities in his characters are reality and experience based like the common citizen we work and play with. "Secrets Kept' embraces the theme of everlasting love.

"Secrets Kept' will start filming under Pas Media Inc. in December and will be released in 2009.


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