Michelle Phan's Food Adventures in Vietnam

Michelle Phan's Food Adventures in Vietnam

Watching Michelle Phan's food adventures in Vietnam is our new favorite thing!

Lion at Japan zoo tries to eat boy!

Lion at Japan zoo tries to eat boy!

A little boy had a close encounter with lion at a zoo in Japan.

A video posted to YouTube shows the two-year-old boy staring at a male lion during a visit to the Chiba Zoological Park with his family.

When the toddler turns his back, the big cat springs up and rushes at him, only to slam into the glass wall of the enclosure.

The startled boy stumbles back when the massive animal rams into the glass.

Zookeepers said the lion, which weighs 400 pounds, gets excited around small children and just wanted to play.

Idiots! Animals need to be in their natural habitat.

Cow attacks despicable men stabbing a girl in an 'honor killing'

Cow attacks despicable men stabbing a girl in an 'honor killing'

A cow showed more humanity than two horrible excuses for men when it attacked them while they performed an "honor killing" on a younger family member. The men were reportedly stabbing the young girl because she had eloped with a man without getting their permission first.

Ways our Asian moms say 'I Love You'

Ways our Asian moms say 'I Love You'

Odd Ways Our Asian Moms Say "I Love You". Eat! Then they call you fat!

Cops bust ‘baby farm’ in India

Cops bust ‘baby farm’ in India

A hospital is persuading women who want to terminate their pregnancies to have the babies so it can sell them for $1,400 each to childless couples.

The shocking “baby farm” has been exposed at the 30-bed Palash Hospital in the Gwailor district of India. Two of the sold babies have since been rescued by police.

Prateek Kumar, from the ASP crime branch, told Times of India: “Three others have been sold to childless couples in Uttar Pradesh and Chattisgarh.”

Hospital manager Arun Bhadoria was arrested and claimed that agents in the Chambal region fetched girls with unwanted pregnancies. An investigation was launched when he could not give the whereabouts of two babies born in the hospital.

In total, five people have been charged with slavery crimes.

An investigating officer told the Times of India: “When a girl or her parents approached them for a termination of pregnancies, doctors at this hospital used to convince them, assuring a safe and secret delivery.

“Once the baby is delivered and the mother gets discharged, hospital authorities start hunting for gullible couples who could buy them.”

The hospital was raided on Saturday night following a tip about trafficked infants.

Police are now searching for couples who bought babies from the hospital and for those who were sold.

via The Sun

Hillary Clinton tries to woo Asian voters (eye roll)

Hillary Clinton tries to woo Asian voters (eye roll)

While stumping for votes in New York City's most ethnically diverse borough, Queens, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton tries an Asian specialty bubble tea at Kung Fu Tea and dumplings at the Queens Crossing Mall.
And her verdict? "I Love it!"

Don't lie!

Air France stewardesses to wear headscarves on flights to Iran

Air France stewardesses to wear headscarves on flights to Iran

Air France stewardesses have caused an uproar over new uniform rules that will require them to wear headscarves on flights from Paris to Tehran when the airline resumes services there later this month.

Female flight crew members have been told to cover their hair once they disembark for the Iranian capital, the UK Daily Telegraph reported Saturday. Unions are urging the airline that those flights should be made voluntary for women.

Flights between Paris and Tehran will happen three times per week starting April 17. The resumption comes after an eight-year break, stemming from the completion of the Iran nuclear deal.

Iranian women have been forced to cover their hair or face fines since the Islamic revolution in 1979. The Telegraph notes that public signs of religion have been “frowned upon” in France since the country enacted a law separating church and state in 1905.

Air France brushed off the uproar, saying that other airline staff members were obliged to comply with Iranian rules. The airline sees Tehran flights as an “excellent business development,” the newspaper reported.

“Tolerance and respect for the customs of the countries we serve are part of the values of our company,” an Air France spokesman said.

The airline also noted that French law allows the restriction of some freedoms if “justified by the nature of the task to be accomplished.”

Christophe Pillet, the deputy head of the SNPNC flight crews’ union, told the newspaper that the stewardesses were prepared to wear headscarves in Iran when out of uniform, but didn’t want it to become part of the uniform.

Stewardesses normally can choose between wearing a skirt or trousers, but have been instructed to wear a long jacket and trousers specifically for Tehran flights.

Source Fox News

Empower the single 'leftover women' of China

Empower the single 'leftover women' of China

Skincare brand SK-II wants to remind Chinese women it's okay to be single — even if repressive society norms are trying to tell them otherwise.

In a new documentary-style commercial called "Marriage Market Takeover," the brand shows how traditional attitudes towards marriage can put extreme pressure on single women to find a husband as they reach their late twenties.


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