Black American Scholar LOL. I dont mean to chuckle, but you are totally, completely over the top with your look. HOWEVER, your intellect and business savvy are already apparent at your young age. You have a good grasp of the big picture for non-Asian views of Asians in America. I am an engineer in IT and I have the pleasure of working with many Asians (Chinese and Taiwanese mostly). The Japanese seem somehow different, and not just in culture. But I have respect for you because you have a plan. You wear your bling as a costume, not to define yourself. I wish more Americans would dump the stereotypical view of Asians in America. They are good people, and America would not be the same without them.

I saw your Headline performance for TheFaceShop. Off the hook! You know how to rock the crowd. Love the music. Twerk Twerk!

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