i dont usually leave comments. i just like to vote for the ratings. good job to the author. i think they are interesting and mind-opening.


I don't think Sun Fan is making any kind of stereotype. She's referring to the "Angry Asian Men" who've posted to the other articles in the past, which I've read, that think every related topic has to do with bashing Asian men. This topic will just automatcially blow tops off bc they will probably think that the author is criticizing Asian men with small dicks, which again, is not the case. Pay attention the article and the comments people!!!!


so apparently jenny didn't read through the article well enough because i don't think she got the point that the author wasn't pin-pointing any particular race. again, her moronic comments are always taken out of the context throwing out irrelevancy everywhere. PS. i'm sticking to the "stereotype" of asian men have small penises, if you want to even call it a stereotype. although, i would even have to go as far as to say that asian men would even ADMIT to having small penises.


No wonder the author is dating a white male. She likes schlongs, a word I see that you didn't add to your article..I prefer other races besides Asian for the obvious reasons.


Sun Fan - are you one of those who believe the stereotype all Asian men have small dicks and white men don't? Your digs at Asian men is yet another sign how brainwashed some women are. If size the main concern for girls and you are sticking with stereotypes, shouldn't all the girls on this site have black boyfriends? Why all the pictures of white guys everywhere? BTW, my Asian bf has a big dick. Not saying dick size defines the man, but it seems that way for some guys. Really, it is not the size but how you use it. All men of all races have big and small dicks FYI.

Sun Fan
6184 points

That is correct. The size matters 100%! I can just imagine the comments the angry asian men will post to this article now..hmmmm...

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