The Opposite of a Fairy Tale - A film by Jennifer Betit Yen - NYC

AFL TV is currently in production on a film, The Opposite of a Fairy Tale, in which a social worker, Celeste, befriends an elderly patient at a nursing home and uncovers what most of America is unaware of - the all too typical and all too secret world of elder abuse. The script was written by actor and Film Lab President Jennifer Betit Yen, based on her personal experiences, with critical contributions and assistance from writer/director Aaron Woolfolk. The film is being made possible, in part, through a grant from the Asian Women Giving Circle and the Ms Foundation.

The film focuses on (1) changing community attitudes about elder abuse, (2) making Asian communities more accepting of survivors, particularly when women are the victims and (3) educating viewers on how to prevent and address elder abuse through easily accessible, entertaining and creative storytelling.

The first reading of the screenplay will take place on August 18th at AAARI-CUNY in New York City as part of the Film Lab's Unfinished Works screenplay reading and workshop series. Erin Quill will moderate a workshop of the piece, written by Jennifer Betit Yen with contributions from Aaron Wolfolk, which will be read by the following actors:

CELESTE: Carmen Ruby Floyd (After Midnight, Avenue Q, Porgy and Bess, Chicago)

OLDER JOSEPHINE: Karen Tsen Lee (House of Cards, Law & Orders and SVU’s Susan Chung, Homicide, All My Children)

YOUNG JOSEPHINE: Di Quon (Maid in Manhattan, Grown Ups, Royal Pains, The Shield)

NARRATOR and OLD ANDREW: Les Mau (Too Big to Fail, Law & Order, Grand Theft Auto III)

YOUNG ANDREW: Hansel Tan (The King and I, Miss Saigon, Romeo & Juliet)

SON: Phil Nee (Grand Theft Auto V, The Blacklist, Blue Bloods, The Colbert Report)

DAUGHTER IN LAW: Erin Quill (Man on a Ledge, The Mikado Project, The Following)

IMMIGRATION OFFICER/FRONT DESK WORKER: Kristi Tomooka (Miss Saigon, Baywatch)

ORDERLY: Hazel Anne Raymundo (Chicago, Miss Saigon, Aida)


LAWRENCE (Jewish Boy): James Ciccarelle (Into The Woods)

WHITE BOY 1: Nicky Torchia (Kinky Boots, The Sound of Music, Into the Woods)

WHITE BOY 2: Hayden Wall (In the Dark)

YOUNG JEWISH MOM/ART STORE OWNER: Daphne Macy (Film Lab Presents, The 72 Hour Shootout)

STAGE DIRECTIONS: Daniel Abse and Lil Rhee (members of the Film Lab Actor Directory)

CELESTE’s DAUGHTER - Isabella Russo (School of Rock)

WALL STREET BOSS – Jeremy Kuykendall (member of the Film Lab Actor Directory)

GRANDSON - Enrico Rodriguez (Fame, Rent)

Where: Asian American / Asian Research Institute
25 West 43rd Street, Room 1000
New York, NY, United States 10036

Date: Aug 18 2015 to Aug 18 2015

Time: 7:00 pm

Admittance: Open




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