Girl 9 Mens Magazine Model Casting Calls 2015 Baltimore

Girl 9 Mens Magazine Model Casting Calls 2015 Baltimore

The International Beauty Movement
Present its Magazine Casting Calls 2015
and Model Search 2015 For Girl 9 Magazine

Who Wants To Be a Female Lingerie/Bikini Print Model Featured In An International Online Magazine That’s Read By Thousands of People Daily?

Magazine Casting Calls 2015 For Girl 9 Magazine For Men
The Internationally Known Lingerie and Bikini Magazine For Men with over a million readers online is brought to you by the International Beauty Movement, who also publishes Ripping Runways Magazine, Salon Savvy Magazine, Project Couture Magazine, and Out Next Magazine, is now casting beautiful eye catching aspiring female lingerie and bikini print models worldwide for the next issue of Girl 9 Magazine For Men.

If you are a beautiful female with a beautiful body that deserves to be in a Mens Magazine that’s read by thousands of people each day and you are looking for the perfect opportunity to take your modeling career to the next level, expand your modeling career as a print model, gain worldwide exposure, expand your modeling portfolio by being published in a popular internationally known online magazine, and increase your opportunity of being seen by fashion industry insiders and entertainment industry insiders worldwide, then you will want to submit your professional lingerie/bikini photo portfolio to this casting call for the opportunity of the year and an opportunity that could create high paying jobs for you in the fashion or entertainment industry.

If you are a beautiful female aspiring bikini print model, lingerie print model, eye candy print model, fitness print model, or vixen print model age 18-35 that has been searching all over the Internet for modeling opportunities that can take your modeling career to the next, then you have come to the right place.
We are seeking Asian models, Indonesian models, Ethnic models, African models, European models, Latina models, Indian models, Polynesian models, Russian Models, African American models, White models, Italian models, and Mixed Race models.
If you are interested in being featured in an Internationally known Magazine for men that features the hottest lingerie and bikini models worldwide and also give you the opportunity to take your modeling career to the next level that not only builds a great professional modeling portfolio for you, but also give you worldwide exposure that you will need to build a reputable modeling portfolio that increases your chances of gaining high paying job opportunities in the fashion and entertainment industry.

To qualify for this amazing modeling opportunity of the year, you must submit a bio or introduction letter with your contact information and you must have 12 or more recent full body hi resolution professional photos in lingerie or bikini wear, photos must be no older than 12 months and photos must not have any writing or photographer watermarks on them, because that photographer does not work for our organization.

There are no height requirements, the only requirement is that you be beautiful and look great in lingerie or a bikini.

The time to take your modeling career to amazing new levels is here!

Submit yourself today for your shot to be featured in the next issue of Girl 9 Magazine For Men.

Submit photos and bio to:

All photos submitted by models will be evaluated on style of lingerie or bikini wear, makeup and hair styling, photo shoot location, and unique look.

The more photos you submit, the better chance you will have of being selected to be a featured model in one of the next issues of Girl 9 Magazine, so you will want to submit a lot of hot lingerie or bikini photos like most models worldwide are doing, which will gives us more of a variety to choose from when reviewing your photos.


We do not accept photos that are older than 12 months, we do not accept camera phone photos, we do not accept photos with more than one model in it, we do not accept photos posted on other websites, we do not accept low resolution photos, we do not accept photos with writing on them, logos, or photographer signatures, and we do not accept personal photos that are taken in your home, we do not accept photos that are collages or have effects, or have borders added to them, so please do not submit none of the above or your photos will not be considered.

You May Visit Our Website Link Below To Fill Out an Audition Form:

Girl 9 Magazine:

You can read our hot fashion magazines at:

Please check out Project Couture Magazine at the links below:

Ripping Runways Online Magazine:

Girl 9 Online Magazine:

Salon Savvy Online Magazine:


Date: May 08 2015 to May 08 2017

Time: 9:00 am

Admittance: Invite Only




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