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Oh to be a Rockette would be an absolute honor! This dance and entertainment group ha constantly provided many with a brilliant career. Ticket sales are often sell out and wow the level of performances each day is further indication of their passion and motivation.

Marisa Sung
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Mike Mersey provided valuable information in suggesting the The Broadway Dance Center in New York City. The Rockette Master Class from May to August teaches the choreography at the actual Rockette rehearsal hall at Radio City which is extremely rare. But from what I understand there are a number of programs in New York City. Also, the NFL Cheerleaders' dance routines are similarly rigorous to that of the Rockettes although a completely different style of dance. One thing I have noticed is that almost all of the Rockettes were tall with long limbs (legs). I have met more than a few in my experience and they were all at least 5'7" and above although I can't claim to have been friends with any of the Rockettes at this time. One girl I know only "claimed" she was a Rockette. But then some peope make a lot of false claims. You really have to be SPECTACULAR be to a Rockette or an NFL Cheerleader! :)


Mersey Mike

The Rockettes are probably one of the most-watched live shows in the US over the holiday season, and I seconded Jaymie on finding videos of them on YouTube – there are plenty in there. The Broadway Dance Center in New York City also offers the Rockette Master Class from May to August where you can learn the choreography at the actual Rockette rehearsal hall at Radio City.

Relaxing Music

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This is from Setsuko and what she suggests:

"Regarding the Rockettes' dance routines on video/DVD, unfortunately, I don't know have any clue. One thing I could think of would be looking at Macy's parade video if anyone of her community taped the parade."

Also you should go to and type in Rockettes in the search bar. There are all kinds of videos including videos of the Rockettes at practice going over their routines. Hope that helps!


Brenda Schoen

I live in a senior community in South Carolina. We will be doing a "follies" every year. There are a group of girls (12 who range in age from 55 to 72) who dance for the show. We would like to be able to do a short dance number like the rockettes would do but we do not have anyone to help us with a routine. Can anyone help us with something like this? Could we purchase a video that could teach us how do do this?
This is very important to us so please take us seriously We added a lot to the follies by dancing "one" from a chorus line. A simpler version. We got lots of applause. We would like to go further. PLEASE HELP US! Even to tell us where to go to get a routine.

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