I can see most of these posts are by Asian men like that's so hard to tell

Dating Asian Online

The overall content seems not in focus with dating, but a comparison of asian males from white.

Upgrade, don't go Asian.

Asian guys are just assholes, that's why I'm half white, and my handsome white father is such an awesome guy who is successful in his career and offers his family a lot of happiness and financial support, unlike asian guys that love their gambling and opium. My father is also rich but gives most of his money away to the needy. I dated Asian guys and they're boring, selfish, rude, violent, old fashioned (in a bad way), shy, racist and (ESPECIALLY to mixed asian) broke. Black or white guys make great dates, and are spontaneous, adventurous and more intelligent. They also make beautiful children and are better at sex (they are also larger downstairs). There's more passion there and you truly feel special. One day the asian male population will die out because of the way they are ! Asian guys are for the ugly boring women, have fun with that small limp ol D !


White man are so disgusting! All they think about is sex and sticking their dick in any hole they find. Accepting the Center of Disease and Control, WHITE MEN have a:

1) 50% higher rates of cancer, which will be passed on to your children.
2) Significantly higher rates of STDs than Asians

Also, White men don't give a fuck about family, all they do is think of themselves. They'll gladly throw their mom and dad in an old folks home because they're "TOO ANNOYING".

BTW, WTF is with WHITE MEN having so many allergies and mental illness. Inawaysnhear WHITE men with erictle distinction or deadly allergic to a nut!

Are all white people crazy? White kids shoot up schools, rape college girls and are a racist!

It's no surprise WHITE WOMAN hate WHITE MEN. It's cause they are fucken pathetic!

Ross Jeffries

You're half white BECAUSE Asian guys are assholes? That had to have dropped my IQ at least a half point as I shake my head and roll my eyes. This has got to be some of the sloppiest, half-assed, and needlessly arrogant generic word vomit I wasted forty five seconds wading through. I would describe it as humorous, except that this is symptomatic of our public educational system.


I agree with this poster. Asian men scammed $35,000 of my life savings and ran. From my experience, Asian men are scheming, back-stabbing, abusive, and angry.

My sister is married to an Asian man who frequently abuses her. Every holiday, on my family get together, we have to endure through my sister's husband mistreating her. We can't do anything about it because my sister keeps on saying she is fine. She lives such a miserable, boring, and distraught life with her abusive, loser husband. No clue why she married him in the first place. He is shorter than my sister with a flat face and smells of fart most times.

Every holiday is a misery to have to witness this ugly Asian man abusing my sister.

White man

Oh geez. You really should kill yourself as all other white bitches are doing. Good for your family life you annoying rude cunt.


Not all Asians are like that, although I agree that guy should die. But that's only one Asian. If I based my opinions of a race on only person, then that means that black people will most likely beat their wife ( http://www.cnn. com/2014/09/09/us/ray-rice-nfl-janay-rice/ ) or white people care more about video games rather than their own child ( http://m.nydailynews. com/news/crime/florida-man-kills-6-year-old-son-crushing-sofa-article-1.2482822. ).

Does this mean that all black and white men are bad? Absolutely not, the creator of the Google Industry is white and the current president of the United States is black. But again, not all black and white men are like that. My point is that you can't just catagorize an entire race like how you did.


Hateful Racist bigot


Racist bigoted pig

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