WOW just what I was looking for. Came here by searching for
dating women online


Yet you encourage asian men to go for white girls cause they are white.

The Tao of Badass

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You know what? Nobody has to respond to this in an intelligent manner. Hell, you can go ahead and ignore this important point if you want, but I am going to leave this here anyways.

What I understand of asiaphilia, and other peoples understanding of it, is that many say its stereotypes slipping into the white dudes subconscious. They say this kind of science, social science, can be validated by simply asking people questions. Long story short, they went around doing surveys on guys ho liked asian girls, and most said something about a stereotype. Obviously, to them this means that the minority ho gave different answers should be ignored, and one should assume this guy knows nothing about themself.

So my question to the "Asian empowerment movement" is:
This is the case basically in a nut shell...right?


Good write-up. I certainly appreciate this website.



Asian girls: Don't get too excited over white guys, they get bored fast and arent respectful, you will eventually find him in a stripclub when he claims he is working overtime. if your an AF dating a WM for over a year, im about 90% sure he has already cheated. 99% if dating for over 2 years. Sneaky boys


White guys: Don't get too excited, Asian women are huge goldiggers and status seekers. Theyre not really attracted to you they just want to use your bank account, ever heard of mail order brides? LOL!!! And theyll make extra money fucking their boss, wonder how she got that raise. And most bosses are what? rich white males.


I"n order to break this cycle we need to cut in between these two groups of people and work on each of them in message boards and forums.

We can post as YTs and say "man I always get rejected by AFs who only want to get with Asian guys, plus they say that I am inadequite and not a good lover, plus they have loose vaginas."

That way YTs will lose interest in AFs.

Then we post as AFs to other AFs and say "man, white guys are lousy lovers and don't even go down on us, thinking that their dick is sufficient to please us. AMs are much better lovers and really take their time to please a woman."

If we can get this message out it will be better for all of us AMs.

I hope you guys are ready for the battle ahead of us."

Alright, now if you guys dont already know:
AM= Asian Male
AF= Asian Female
YT= White dude (If you dont get it, say "YT" three times fast.)

Anyways, the point is that a lot of Asian guys on the internet post comments pretending to be white dudes. Their goal is to make us unattractive. Obviously they have failed miserably and I am still laughing at how they posted this on their website and didnt think people would fin out about their plan.


Attention Gentlemen:

Above is a link to a video that Asians everywhere are bragging about. There is no clear story on what happened, but dont let the title deceive you (and this is me talking to my fellow white men). The title states that the white boys were being disrespectful, but to a lot of Asians, white guys are being disrespectful if we dare to walk on "their turf" and/or talk to "their women." Asians are growing by the number in America each day, and with the huge wave of Asians coming here will also come more and more fights like this. Do you really want Asians dictating your life? Where you walk? Who you talk to?

Listen, my fellow white men: certain Asians are developing a chip on their shoulder all because of China, and now think that they are unbeatable tough guys just because they had 26 other asians backing them. If they are the future, we have to be hard.

Start today. Go jogging, swimming, or some kind of cardio. If you can afford a gym membership, go 6 days a weak and NO EXCUSES you fat fuck. If you cant afford a gym membership, do exercises at home, the usual push ups and situps and various other ab exercises, find a playground and do pull ups on the monkey bars, go up to a park bench and put your legs over the back support and let your upper body fall then go back up and work your abs this way. Take an MMA class if you can or copy what you see on TV of the real MMA fights (not fucking WWE. That shits for trailer trash.) I think that even at your local book store a person can find books on fighting moves. Do some shadowboxing and keep fighting on your mind. Eat healthy food to keep yourself energetic.

Get a weapon for self defense. If you can get a permit for a gun thats all cool but its easier to get a knife. If you get jumped by several armed Asian thugs, stab a few times and they will probably run away, the cunts. ALWAYS stay alert and always be expecting an attack of this kind when traveling through areas with dense asian populations.

Now one more thing: Retaliation.
This part is for the Asians. Dont be too proud of a fight like this. I am sure a pack of white thugs will be doing the same thing to Asians in response to this video any time now. We will see who is "hard" then.

Anonymous the guy who posted the youtube link...what the fuck is wrong with you?


What link?

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