Excellent! I can do it. Now can I have the opportunity of a date?


You go and punch them tiger ! :))
I absolutely agree with what you said !


I agree, I like Asian girls also....but just wondering about all the references to "gash in the forehead"? Do Asian girls like this?


Not sure, but I like putting a gash in the forhead of anyone who fucks with me or other dudes like me.

Easy score and they prefer small dick white guys with a decent bank account. Also white guys love the idea of dominating Asians it used to be indian chicks before that latino women and obviously African American women. This is the new trend for white guys in hopes to take all Asian women in as new house/fuck slaves it is pure lust and conquest. The main excuse for rescuing Asians from china is just another way to get them in line so they can throw away their culture to become white or prepped for a white guy look at all other old trends like this and figure it out.


In our age when inter-racial reationships are more acceptable, the dynamics of sexual attraction between males and females go down to the simple and basic. The males are attracted to the most feminine ones(thus, Asian women, preceived to be most feminine seem to be the most desired or popular among men these days) while rejecting the least feminine ones(black women have the highest percentage of singlehood in US. Heck, even black men seem to find them less attractive and many black men marry outside their race). And this applies to males too- the biologically least masculine(i.e. Asian males) doesnt seem to attract even many women of their own race(a study shows 36% of Asian women date or marry non Asian men.. and only 9% of black women get success to attract outside their race.)Asian men, in many cases, get to have breakthroughs using their academic and intellectual appeals to make up for their lack of masculinity that white nd black men have over them.
Though many people would deny this, just look at statistics or observe around to realize this.heck, in my Asina family, 4 of my female cousins are dating white men, and all the male cousins can only date wity fellow Asuans in their social groups. Conincidence? Nope...Asian women are simply popular among men of all races because of the "femininity"... while Asian men, inferior in masculinity appeal, dont get to have attractibility success. That sinple.. the same explanation why are popular and black women are mostly single.

Just some Guy

WHOAAA!!! I'm a 51yr old white dude. I grew up in SoCal and when I started noticing the opposite sex who was around me? Asians, Mexicans, and White Girls with dark brown hair. So who am I attacted to? What do I find attractive? Asians, Mexicans, and White Women with dark hair. I'm not attracted to blondes, or African American Women. Are they attractive, yes. Am I attacted to them? no. I'm also into family, and taking care of my elders. So yes, there are A LOT of creepy old white dudes but give Asian Women some credit - maybe - the guy is falling in love with the person, not the race. And how about the not thinking of the racist thought that "Every Asian Woman is only with a white guy for citizenship". Maybe both people have something real to offer the other.

Designer Kiev

I'm very proud of the Korean customs in which I grew up in


people are not born being attracted to a certain race. You may be right in feeling that you do not have choice in what type of girls you are attracted to but this so called "lack of choice" is a direct result of sexualized media images of asian women in american society. You weren't born that way, you were conditioned. It's important to be aware of the huge and long-lasting effects media images impose on us as children and young adults to the point where our conditioning is hard to reverse. To the girl who thinks she is lucky being asian because all different types of men are attracted to you, you display the sad reality of how asian american women have internalized these stereotypes. the fact that you have a webpage of self taken photos that probably objectify yourself as a sexual being just reinforces the generalization that all asian women are sexual and submissive to male domination. This is coming from a fellow asian female who has been sexually objectified throughout all my life since becoming a young girl and who struggles to find a guy who can see me as an individual rather than a sexualized stereotype


Anyone who listens to this woman is a retard.

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