Growing up in an Asian household is not fun for an Asian girl to be mostly attracted to white guys and I can tell you the truth there. Before I get into that, let me tell you about me that got me started. I am Vietnamese, tall for an Asian apparently (5'6"), and was born and raised in USA. I grew with the notation from my mother (and a bit from my father) that I had to date and marry an Asian guy - preferably Vietnamese. I will say this, I tried and although I think Asian guys are attractive by looks, but for some reason, I never could have romantically for one.

This might be because I am tall and I refer myself to be Asian-American, but I grew up having the attraction for white guys. My crush right now is half White/half Hispanic, but he's mostly white. He also told me that growing up, he never really connected with Asians before and then, when he met me, I was the first Asian he ever connected and is attracted to. In return, I told him the same. From all the guys that I had been attracted, my attraction and connection to him was intense times two than any other.

So, yes, I believe that the white guy with an Asian girl combo is growing more and more common. At my workplace, I see so many of that combo everywhere and most of them are married with one/two kids (they are ADORABLE) or dating and they are all varies from different age groups as well. But the stupid notation that white guys can't be attracted to Asian girls and the other way around is bull. You can help who you are attracted to or who you fall in love with.

DIFFERENT EXAMPLE -> White female liking an Asian guy
One of my closest friends who is half white/half Hispanic grew up being attracted to Asian guys. She told me that she likes all guys from different races, but Asian usually appeal to her higher than the rest. However, in her case I will agree with this, it is harder to find an Asian guy dating a white girl and that is because again of the notation from the Asian culture that the Asian guy has to pass on his name to an Asian girl. So, in many Asian families - mine included - the Asian guy is more pressured to date an Asian girl than an Asian girl.

But yes, I repeat, it is getting more and more common to see a white guy and Asian girl combo everywhere and it's just people needing to accept it. I will agree that it's a little less common for an Asian guy with a white girl, but like I said, if two people love each other, then nothing will stand in their way, especially about society views of things.


Im Chinese (from Hong Kong)
Im now having an interracial relationship with my white boyfriend.
I don’t know y ppl can hv so many negative comments on white-asian relationship.
Tho both of us don’t care abt others comment on us.
One thing have to say is why ppl don’t congrats us and wish us can stay forever instead of judging us (mostly on asian girls)?

I think a healthy relationship should be in loving the person’s characters instead of the nationality or appearance.
So if my bf is not a white guy but a Chinese guy, then, nothing will be judged? That’s not fair!
Love shall know no boundaries!!

Different ppl hv different preference. We two ppl come together, I think we shall wish them good instead of cursing them when they will break up.


Easy to say from your perspective, but the fact is, media and society puts white males on a pedestal and sexualizes Asian females, while other ethnicities of men get put down, and this is clearly evident in the way that you just have a "preference" for whites. Whether you like to admit it or not, your subconscious "preference" has been influenced by these forces, and until these forces disappear through eliminating racism, then you will continue to be judged. That's just how it is.


I must say that your article has convinced me that "Asian" may be a sexual orientation right after gay, straight, bisexual, etc.


because they have mental issues so they are more comfortable with being with cryptkeepers!


I find Asian women to be very pleasant to be with. I find that they like decent guys who are kind to them. They do NOT seem to be in love with thugs and Bad Boys. They are feminine. They seem to like men who treat them well (they don't reject a guy who is nice to them-quite the opposite). I find them to be quite intelligent and really don't find them to be submissive. Rather, when they find a man they like they want him to be happy.


I certainly agree to what you said, For all I know Asian women are romantic and family oriented, I think that explain they don't like thugs and bad boys.

Rose Thorne

I'm a Filipina woman and for me, I don't mind it if white guys like Asian girls' looks. I like it that these guys appreciate beauty that is different from the familiar. So what if they like Chinese, Korean or Filipina looks? Why are people hating on interracial attraction anyway as long as you don't have weird stereotypical expectations about people from that race?

Now it would be offensive if they'd assume all Asian women are submissive and point this out like "hey, you shouldn't be like that! You're Asian."...because that's implying racist stereotype like all Asian females have some sort of uni-mind or something.

I like how white guys look too....I have a preference for white males, but people shouldn't judge those with inter-racial preferences that they'd like ANYONE who is Asian, or anyone who is black or white. I prefer white guys, but I have a type. When I see white guys, I don't get attracted to all of them...hello! You prefer a certain look..which you feel would be consistent with a personality you like. I like nice guys who are I'd naturally gravitate towards those who look like they'd be good husbands/fathers...I like Colin Firth-ish features. I don't like Robert Pattinson's looks. Strange, but true. ;)

If you appreciate the external beauty of another race,but do not expect people of that race to be the same (meaning no prejudice or stereotypes) that is not racism my friends. Those who judge are the racists, but those people who appreciate beauty of other races are not guilty of the crime. What's wrong with liking the features of another race? I think it's cute that you see the beauty in those different from you.


Well stated....thank you.


As a caucasian male I prefer my own race and I'm not in to mixing with non white females. I know this is true with all races to a degree who want to marry their own and then you get the people who don't care about their heritage and will mix with whoever.
If there is real love happening then fine but if your doing it because others do it or you think somehow an Asian lady is going to be different than any other woman and is immune to being a birch or materialistic you better give yourself a shake !

I'd be lying if I said I didn't find some women of other races attractive , including Asian woman but I
feel more comfortable with my own and want kids that look like me and not a mixed bag of several races.

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