5 Black teens beat Chinese restaurant owner to death with bricks


Black mob burned grandmother to death in Illinois

September 11, 2013

Last week, DaQuan Barnes, 21, pleaded guilty to first-degree murder in the grisly death of 85-year-old Yoko Cullen.
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On May 20, 2011, Barnes along with two accomplices, LaTosha Cunningham, 39, and DeMarcus Barnes, 30, waited outside a Collinsville bingo hall to attack Cullen, according to police.

Once outside, the grandmother was beaten with tire irons and shoved into the trunk of her 2008 Mazda and driven to East St. Louis, where her car was set on fire.

Barnes admitted to police that they obtained Cullen's ATM card and PIN number. His share from the robbery was $130.

An autopsy confirmed that Cullen was alive when the car was set ablaze, and suffered an horrific death.

The Riverfront Times reported:

Police say that Cunningham knew that Cullen, of Belleville, was a regular at bingo games and plotted the crime.

Under the terms of the pleas agreement, Barnes will receive a 60-year prison sentence instead of life in prison.

Cunningham and Barnes have yet to be tried. Both are currently being held at the St. Clair County Jail on $3 million bail.

Cunningham is no stranger to trouble...

The Belleville News-Democrat reported:

In 1993, a jury convicted Cunningham of shooting a woman, then 61-years old, in the chest after robbing her of $205. The victim, a retired Landshire employee, was giving Cunningham a ride when she testified Cunningham demanded her purse then shot her. Cunningham claimed that it was a case of mistaken identity. The victim picked her out of a lineup twice.

Cunningham's next court appearance is scheduled for November 19.


Woman throw on tracks in brutal subway assault


Monterey County Weekly: Murder Stuns Korean American Community

Salinas convenience store murder Police met with stunned and angry members of the Korean American community in Salinas, CA this week following the brutal murder of 62-year old Sook Mi Oh and the shooting of two others at a convenience store, reports the Monterey County Weekly.

Some admitted they were scared. Others demanded more police protection. Still others say it was fruitless to try to blame the police.

“We cannot blame anyone,” pizzeria owner Mun Yi said by way of introduction. “We cannot blame the mayor.”

Police urged those at the meeting to support a tax measure on the November ballot that could boost police funding. But at least one in attendance wasn’t pleased to hear that.

“We have to send a message to those murderers,” said Yong Soo Oh, a small business owner. “I hear you say, ‘We’re underfunded.’ That’s not a good signal to criminals.”

So far $4500 has been raised toward a goal of a $20,000 reward for the arrest of the two suspects.

Police released a graphic video of the incident below. Warning: some may find the video disturbing.

You can read about growing pressure in Salinas for a police review board in the Monterey County Weekly.


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