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Urban dating league for all you hot tamales


This is group is for real girls with a sense of humor, who don't take themselves too seriously and succumb to the hellish and often hilarious world of dating in any of the big US cities.

Bethenny Frankel's show cancelled!

So glad to hear that my favorite network, Bravo, has decided not to renew Fug Frankel's horrible reality show. I just can not stomach this horrible, social climbing, mean, back stabbing woman. She has been losing viewers! Shocker? I think not! Go away! Now let's see how long her non working, schlob of a husband sticks around now. Good riddance!

Just what I suspected - Bethenny Frankel is a fraud

As I was surfing the net this evening, what horrible name came up as one of the most searched names tonight? Bethenny Frankel. Didn't you forget her middle name? "FUG"?
Regardless, I pondered? What is the social climber trying to push now? Then all of a sudden: Bethenny Frankel's Skinnygirl Business Was Not Sold For $120 Million
This girl is so full of wannabe stardom it is so sickening and pathetic. She is classic textbook low self-esteem.
I really hope we never see this loser again. There is no way her biz is worth $120Million. "Who is she?"

So glad we do not see Fug Frankel anymore

Thank god we do not see that fug Bethenney Frankel anymore. she's a nobody who only made something of herself by being on Bravo...thank god she faded into oblivion! Housewives of NYC is great without her!

Who the hell would take advice from Bethenney Frankel?

Yeah I am just going to run out and buy her book, A Place of Yes? a) because I want to marry a guy who has no job and lives off me b) I want to have no college education c) I want to tell people I created a brand all on my own, when it was a smart liquor company who actually saw the opportunity BRAVO TV's audience offered them. Has anyone noticed that is the only way anyone ever knew who she was? AFTER Bravo? She's been trying so hard to be famous her entire life. You might fool other people into thinking you're a smart, educated, happy entrepreneur but I know the real deal. How can anyone forget her screaming, vein popping attacks at women who have more than her and who Bethenney wishes she could look like...like Kelly? Way to go Bethenney, you certainly fit in with today's generation of money making mediocrity. That is why your time is now.

Bethenny Frankel is the biggest slob, loser LIAR

I hate liars! And Liars are plentiful in my life. I got stuck, AGAIN, watching Bethenny's show on Bravo. Seriously, why does she need to ruin my favorite channel? Real Housewives of NYC is so much greater without her!!
The biggest lie is that her personal trainer bf Jason was supposedly out with a Sports Illustrated supermodel, yet he just had to speak to Bethenny..Guess that is a true as her dating A-Rod! She is so full of bull that I can't believe no one calls her out on it.

What SEX Can Teach You About Marketing

Believe it or not, there is a lot that we can learn from sex and apply it to marketing.

It's About Quality, Not Quantity
Some companies take a quantitative approach to marketing. When sales are down, they do MORE of what they're doing instead of doing it BETTER. If what you're doing isn't working, doing more of it isn't likely to fix the problem.

Pay Attention

Ten wasys to find the right man - A husband or a partner

I received a book which was sent to me, I guess they read my column, titled "Finding the Right Man for you: Dating Advice for Women". It starts: Dating is never easy, no matter what someone's age - and it only gets more difficult after thirty.....whooah.. It continues to list top ten things to do to find a man..I have something to say about this and some disagreements. It's not just women who you are trying to portray as desperate. Men are also. This will be in my next column.

Why the hell is Bethenny FrAAAAAnkel on The View

Why is the media constantly throwing this disgusting, insecure whore in our face every five seconds. GO AWAY! You already ruined two shows! Can not stomach this freak!

Is Bethenney joking with her show?

Why does Bethenney Frankel have her own show? Who is she? Why did Jason take this monster on? She is so freaking butt fug and I will never watch that hideous show of hers.

Don't these skank NYC Housewives know we laugh at them?

The Class with the Countess is now a pop singer? I need to plug my ears. "Money Can't buy you class, my friends," That's right skank, money can't buy you class.

Don't these skank NYC Housewives know we laugh at them?

Class with the Countess is now a pop singer? Her voice is horrible, "money can't buy you class, my friends". That's right my friend, money can't buy your slut ass class.

Saw this post -True True True!

Tiger and Elin had an arrangement. She was just a nanny and starving wannabe model who never made it big. Tiger needed someone to have his kids and hired Elin to do the job. This has been a great job for her. Her old job as a nanny for that washed up Swedish golfer didn't even have heathcare benefits.

Me so ho-ho-horny!

Almost finished with my next column for all my dating column fans! I encourage you to join my group and now watch my blog for some weekly fun time bits. I'm leaving the group open for now but will eventually make it private. Like me!

Now I know why Bethenney is a skank

After tonight's episode, I now know why Bethenney is an fame whore, wannabe celebrity, attention seeking, whore skank. She has a majorly f8cked up family. Dad doesn't want to see her, mom doesn't want to talk to her..how much more rejection can you take. No wonder she grabs the first man who's interested in her. Kinda sad actually.

Was I not correct about the NYC Housewives?

If you read last year's piece on the NYC Housewives, you'll see that I called every single person out! Now in the 3rd season, true colors begin to show. Bethenney is an ugly, user, bitter, jealous of Kelly, manipulating hag. How she ever managed to trap Jason into marrying her is something she should write as her next book.."Who are you?" Kelly is irritating but has a good heart. Jilly Zarin is all flash and no cash. Very insecure also. Luann is still very attractive and Mario definitely has a crush on her. Mario is mean to her because behind closed doors, Ramona is on his ass. So he does it maintain peace. Ramona is hysterical this season though. Love the crazy eyes and calling everyone out. It's become her mantra.
Bethenney has gots to go and her engagement ring is so fake. Some diamond company has to be promoting that. There is no way Jason earns that kind of $$. I have the inside scoop on him!

Enough with Frankel's Fake Wedding

If I hear one more word about wannabe famous Bethenney Frankel, I'm going to poke my eye with a skewer. Just throw her in the box with Heidi and Spencer and all those other trashbags who will do anything to be famous. It's so obvious she's jealous of Kelly Bensimon. You are not on her level my friend. Kelly being on that show actually devalues her. I always thought a little more highly of her until she did that show and dropped down to Bethenney's level.

He is still a selfish, faker f*ck

So contrived and so fake. Little blond wifey needs to run for the hills and take her stds with her. This man doesn't give two craps about you. He only cares about himself!! Get it! Got it! Good!

Housewives of New York City

The more I see of Bethenny FRAAAANKel, the more I want to vomit. She is fugly on the inside and out. These girls are so lame this season. I want them gone. Bring in the two new girls I read about. How does that guy with the big schnaz date her? Like Kelly said, she's not funny, she's not charming. She looks anorexic. No wonder she has no friends, who could stand that b*tch. I just got an idea for my next article. "I want to be famous so bad yet I'm ugly"

Reile Hunter is a ho bag, and we care about her why?

Reile Hunter is a ho bag, and we care about her why?

Why is this slut plastered all over a seemingly high class publication such a s GQ? This common whore should be ashamed of her behavior, not relish in it with kermit the frog (aka giuliana rancic). Don't you just love it.."I'm repulsed by those pictures!" Yeah sure you are miss homewrecker..first of all, you look attractive in these pics..all your other photos that have been flying around make you look like a wreck (which you are!) You look hideous in all the other photos. Be happy there are some that make you look like an actual woman. And go away you common whore!

Bethenny Frankel is hideous

Bethenny Frankel is the most hideous, fugliest woman on the planet. Her gay boyfriend is just using her for her fake "fame". If that's what you want to call it.

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