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Community Groups

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CL28 - A MOVIE - The search for RULAN -

Chinese Lesson 28, a Modern Day Tale

danster 0 2 Join
International Career Leadership Forum, July 27-28, Boston

Helping young international professionals accelerate their careers and deal with the unique challenges they face

taylorjacobson 2 3 Join
Asian MBA Leadership Conference & Career Expo

2nd Annual Asian MBA Leadership Conference & Career Expo

Asian MBA 2 5 Join
Love In Every Language

A Discussion Group to stimulate and promote love and understanding amongst all races and cultures

benglishtea 3 6 Request membership
Viet Modeling Project

Welcome to the 2008 Vietnamese Modeling Project. We are looking for girls of Vietnamese descent to enter our modeling contest and your chance to win $10,000 and tons of exposure. Last year's winner Alex Thuy Tran has gone on to many exciting thin

jaymie 0 6 Join
Urban dating league for all you hot tamales

Nancy Lee's Dating and Sex Group

nancylee 20 7 Request membership
Fashion, Music & the Arts, oh my!

the RED edition. Agent RED on the Asian-American iDentity in the fashion, music & the art scenes.

Agent RED 2 7 Join
Coalition to Ban Horse Drawn Carriages

New York City horses are completely deprived of proper rest

Sun Fan 277 7 Join
AsianBoston Casting & Media.

Hello! We are committed to increasing awareness of Asian models. Stay in touch with castings and job postings for Asian models in the Northeast.

jaymie 64 8 Join
Miss D.C. Chinese Pageant

Washington Metropolitan Miss Chinese American Beauty Pageant

admin 2 8 Join


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Asian foods, Asian fusion, Anything Asian you love to eat!
2327Marisa Sung - Sep 13 at 10:01am
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