Asian MBA Leadership Conference & Career Expo

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Asian MBA Leadership Conference & Career Expo

Asian MBA

The 2nd Annual Asian MBA Leadership Conference & Career Expo will take place on August 26-28 at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in New York City.

Asian MBA Leadership Conference has a mission of connecting and empowering Asian American leaders, fostering dialogue, and mobilizing professionals within the workplace and community. As a unified front we aim to raise awareness of crucial Asian-related issues and to build the visibility of professional Asian Americans beyond the low to middle layers of management, targeting executive positions and beyond.

Asian MBA Leadership Conference & Career Expo

The Asian MBA Leadership Conference & Career Expo has released its final list of awardees for the Top Ten Companies for Asian Americans as well as their Asian MBA Leadership Awards. The Conference will return to the Jacob Javits Convention Center for the second time, from August 26th through the 28th with the theme, “Connect. Engage. Inspire.” The awardees will be announced at the Asian MBA Leadership Conference during the elaborate Gala Dinner on Friday, August 27th, in front of the Asian American Business Community and its leaders.

Connect. Engage. Inspire. - 2nd Asian MBA Conference

Asians are often referred to as “Model Minorities” within the American society as result of their above average education and income levels. Many Asians adopt prestigious institutions as their alma maters and enter the corporate world with not much more trouble than their counterparts of other races because their cultures generally put a significant emphasis on education However, contrary to what would be assumed from the label given to them, Asian professionals are under-represented past the middle management positions, and even more so on executive levels.

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Asian MBA Leadership Conference & Career Expo

2nd Annual Asian MBA Leadership Conference & Career Expo

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