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Kelly Rowland’s CEO Watches

As we have seen recording stars extending their talents in the realm of fashion, Kelly Rowland is the latest pop star who has designed a line of watches with Dutch based TW Steel under her role as brand ambassador. Unveiling her CEO Tech special edition watches with oversized faces in pastels and jewel tones, adorned with colored crystals for that dazzling touch of bling, Kelly celebrated with the CEO, Jordy Cobelens, at the Top of the Standard, dancing to the music by Steel Entertainment Group – the official entertainment division of TW Steel. Jordy, who was formerly a DJ before taking the reins of the family business, has always understood the bridge between music and fashion.

The highlight of the evening was the spectacular fireworks display over the Hudson set to Frank Sinatra’s New York, NY that dazzled even the most jaded New Yorkers. Being on the 18th floor you almost felt like you could touch the lights.

Both Kelly Rowland CEO Tech executions, CE4006 (44mm) and CE4007 (44mm), simply radiate flare and showcase the singer’s love of distinct styling and her passion for her favorite colors, pink and blue. Featuring 56 stunning zirconia baguettes, in either pink or blue, both watches house a chronograph movement with a sandblasted case complete with AA-grade PVD rose gold plating. Kelly’s signature then adorns the case back on each timepiece which is presented in a luxurious CEO watch box.

“It’s been a fantastic night here in New York and we’re delighted to finally unveil to the world the watches designed with Kelly,” commented Jordy Cobelens, CEO of TW Steel. “We talked about collaborating back in December as we know Kelly has such a strong sense of style and loves to make a statement.

“The pieces which now bear her name are truly amazing. They’re bold, but remain elegant and of course they’re true to TW Steel’s DNA by being oversized. Kelly connects to so many people and we’ve been able to celebrate that tonight here in New York. We look forward to taking her timepieces into the market now where I’m sure they’ll have massive appeal.”

“I have to echo Jordy’s statement about it being an amazing event to debut my first TW Steel watches,” enthused Kelly Rowland. “I know from previous experience that TW Steel does everything ‘Big Time’ and tonight was no exception at The Standard, especially with that outstanding firework display. For me it’s amazing to finally share with everyone the watch designs we worked on together and to see everyone’s enthusiasm for them. I simply love how they look. They’re both exciting and stylish which was my goal all along.”

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Perrelet Rocks With New Release Of Eye-Catching Turbine Toxic Special Edition

Perrelet's Turbine Toxic Limited Edition

Perrelet's Turbine Toxic Limited Edition

The slightly provocative Turbine Toxic model plays with danger by displaying an eye-catching trendy skull symbol, appearing in precious form at the heart of this Special Edition timepiece featuring an automatic P-331 Double Rotor movement, exclusive to Perrelet.

A universally adopted aesthetic intended to signal the presence of toxic substances, the skull appeared in classical art as a symbol of the past, before coming to symbolize piracy in the 18th century, and then cer­tain well-known motorbike fans in the 1950s... It has now lost its taboo connotations to become a symbol of freedom that has spread throughout all echelons of the fashion world.

Beneath the optical effect created by the 12-blade wheel rotating across the Turbine Toxic models, the human skull appears in a truly luxurious interpretation. The men's version is set with 210 dia­monds (0.82 cts) and the ladies' variation with 155 dia­monds (0.59 cts). The resulting effects are all the more luminous in that they are set against an all-black back­ground spread across the cases, dials and straps.

The line offers a choice of two sizes - the bold Turbine Toxic XL model measuring 50 millimeters (mm) in diame­ter; a DLC-treated steel watch on a rubber strap, and the more demure 41 mm-diameter Turbine Toxic XS in DLC-treated steel on a rubber or satin strap.

The Turbine Toxic are available at select fine jewelers nationwide. The suggested retail price for the XL 50 mm is $8600.00. Suggested retail price from the XS 41mm is $7950.00.

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Hublot Combats Global Slowdown By Spending More!

Jet Li Releases His Tai Chi on Micro-Blasted Black Ceramic of Hublot Big Bang Watch

Jet Li Releases His Tai Chi on Micro-Blasted Black Ceramic of Hublot Big Bang Watch

When times get tough, Hublot CEO Jean-Claude Biver says spending is key.

Hublot exports 40 percent of its products to China. And with China's GDP numbers out Friday morning indicating economic growth falling to 7.6 percent, the slowest pace in three years, the luxury time-piece company has a lot to think about.

However, the company, which sells watches with price tags ranging from a couple thousand dollars to couple million, says it has a plan.


Celebrate The 4th Of July With Perrelet's Limited Edition Turbine XL America

Perrelet has taken the American flag to create a whole new interpretation of their famous double rotor technology. When the designers began to work on the AMERICAN LIMITED EDITION, they played with a deconstructed perspective of the American flag, and the results are stunningly graphic and distinctively iconic of images from comic books. Figures dressed in stars and stripes and pin ups with skirts blazing take the spotlight.

The Turbine collection's signature 12-blade wheel rotates over a dial painted with the red and white stripes of the American flag. Make it twirl and the colors begin a wild dance, performing endlessly varied random figures. Everything is a question of speed and nothing can be perfectly reproduced in an identical manner. Optical effects follow on from each other in rapid-fire succession in the center of an hour circle punctuated by blue squares bearing white stars. Divided into groups of eight or nine, there are 50 in total, exactly the number of states represented on the current American flag.

The star-spangled banner floats on the Turbine XL measuring 50 mm in diameter and endowed with powerful distinctive and visually striking character­istics: oblique-cut blades, lateral elements gripping the bezel and a central reinforcement between the horns. This model is issued in a special 777-piece limited edition.


Hublot Chairman Sees U.S. Sales Rising, More Stores

Hublot Big Bang Red Gold Valentine watch

Hublot Big Bang Red Gold Valentine watch

Hublot expects U.S. sales to represent a growing portion of the Swiss luxury watchmaker's global revenue in the coming years, helped by new stores and tourism at hubs like Miami and Las Vegas, Chairman Jean-Claude Biver said.

Hublot, a unit of LVMH, operates five U.S. stores and gets about 14 percent of its sales in that market. But that could grow to 10 stores and 20 percent of sales, Biver told Reuters on Wednesday. Hublot is set to open a sixth store, in Atlanta, in August.

U.S. luxury sales have rebounded since the financial crisis in 2008. The rise in tourism from countries with an emerging middle class, like Brazil, China and Russia, have been instrumental to that growth for high-end chains like Tiffany & Co (TIF.N) and Saks Inc (SKS.N).

Latin American shoppers account for 90 percent of sales at Hublot's store in Miami, making it the company's top-grossing location anywhere, Biver said.

At its Madison Avenue store in New York, international customers generate a third of revenue.


Who Buys A $10,000 Watch These Days?

After hitting $4 billion in 2007 and then dropping to $2.6 million by 2009, US sales of watches that cost $1,000 and up are on the rebound. They reached $3 billion in 2011, according to the LGI Network, a division of the NPD Group market research firm.

In Boston, Shreve, Crump & Low has tripled its watch inventory as part its recent move to Newbury Street. It’s an almost $7 million collection made up of brands so pricey that some cost more than the average sedan.


Perrelet Debuts Limited Edition Turbine DRAGON Double Rotor Timepiece To US Market

Awaiting the unveiling of the Dragon Timepiece. See it in the red box!

Awaiting the unveiling of the Dragon Timepiece. See it in the red box!

Premier Swiss watch brand Perrelet, celebrated the debut of thier Limited Edition Turbine Dragon with much fan fare in a private reception on Sunday, June 10, 2012 at the Soho Grand in New York City alongside revered fine jewelry retailer Magnolia Jewelers, NYC. Over 75 guests were in attendance as Michael Goldstein, President, Perrelet North America showcased the extraordinary new timepiece with co-host William Wu of Magnolia Jewelers.

Perrelet's Turbine double-rotor collection chose to commemorate the Year of the Dragon by featuring the mythical animal, the only one of its kind in the Chinese calendar, mysteriously perched on the dial of a truly refined creation.

In tribute to this long-awaited year, traditionally con­sidered extremely auspicious, the Limited Edition features a captivating depiction of the sacred animal, the symbol of the Chinese emperors. It appears in all its splendor when the turbine is set into action, portrayed according to the traditional rules, with an upward looking gaze, a body covered with scales and ending in a fish tail and five-clawed paws. Carved out from hand-colored Polynesian mother-of-pearl, it is encrusted into a naturally white mother-of-pearl dial. This shimmering creature, accredited with the magical power to engender happiness and harmony, is splendidly highlighted at the heart of a black-clad Turbine watch.

The Dragon special series comes in a DLC-treated 44-mm diameter case fitted with an alligator leather strap, and is issued in a limited numbered 99-piece edition.

I LOVE Perrelet watches! Their engineers and watch designers have created a new adaptation of the Perrelet patent, the "Double Rotor".

The double rotor, transformed for the occasion into a turbine fitted with 12 blades made of titanium, covers the entity of the dial and slips beneath an interiror black bexel. On the under dial, markers accentuate the optical effect and make the impact of this model all the more sensational!

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Perrelet Unveils Limited Edition DRAGON

Premier Swiss watch brand Perrelet, recognized historically as the inventor of the automatic watch, honors the year of the dragon with the introduction of an extraordinary new timepiece: the TURBINE DRAGON Double Rotor. In tribute to this highly regarded and auspicious year, the Limited Edition TURBINE DRAGON blends Perrelet's peerless precision with dynamic design, depicting the sacred dragon - symbol of Chinese emperors - carved from hand-colored Polynesian mother-of-pearl at the heart of a black-clad Turbine watch.

The debut of the TURBINE DRAGON will be celebrated tomorrow. I will be at the unveiling and will be reporting back to you!

About Perrelet
Abraham-Louis Perrelet invariably calls to mind the pioneering watchmaker to whom the historians attribute the invention in 1777, of the self-winding watch with central oscillating weight. Today, Perrelet is synonymous with inventiveness, authenticity and quality. The brand exclusively offers mechanical self-winding timepieces with contemporary design for men and women. Perrelet's watches, some of which are fitted with exclusive movements, add to the prestige of Fine Watchmaking with models that are eminently true to the company's history and identity. For more information please visit www.perrelet.com


TAG Heuer Lady Formula 1 Yin Yang For Asian Ladies?

The showpiece watch of the 2012 Lady Formula 1 range is the TAG Heuer Yin Yang, which takes its name from the Chinese Yinyang symbol, which represents how opposite characteristics are interdependent and connected.

The dial is entirely made up of a combination of White and Black Brilliant-cut diamonds, including the TAG Heuer logo.

TAG Heuer believe that they buy more diamonds- principally for the Lady F1 range- than any other watch company.

Baguette Diamonds surround the bezel and the bracelet, meaning that the Lady F1 Yin Yang has in total 234 baguette cut diamonds and 245 Brilliant cut diamonds- a total of 7.36 ct

The watch case is White Gold and uses the 32mm diameter of the newest Lady F1 size.

Given the Diamond-count, you’d expect a high price…and you won’t be disappointed: The Lady Formula 1 Yin Yang retails for CHF110,000 Swiss Francs (approx $115,000) and takes 8 months to assemble. Rather than being part of the standard TAG Heuer range, the watch is a special order, which makes sense given its price take and labor - intensive design.

TAG Heuer are keen to differentiate the Lady F1 Yin Yang from the men’s concept watches, with the idea of a Concept Watch coming from the Automotive world. The best way to think of this watch is as a very high-end piece of jewelry that happens to tell the time.

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The First Female Watch Of Hublot

Hublot is a Swiss luxury watch company founded in 1980 by Carlo Crocco. In April 2008, Hublot was purchased by LVMH from founder Carlo Crocco for an undisclosed fee, adding to its existing portfolio of watch brands including TAG Heuer.

At the opening ceremony for its first flagship store in Beijing, Hublot introduced Jet Li as its next brand ambassador. Li is the brand’s first Asian ambassador as well as the first film star to work as a Hublot ambassador.

Hublot watches are coveted for their bold designs, tremendous utility and impeccable engineering, so why not make one for a woman?

It is the first time that Hublot watch create the tourbillon watch for female. The internal creation of this watch has 153 parts, and the flying tourbillon can be viewed quite clearly from the side of dial. All of the parts are produced by Hublot’s factory. There is no doubt that it will inspire the eager desire of the connoisseurs.

The watch inlaid with diamonds and colored gemstones is full of elegant and sense of fashion then with the trend color which is carefully modulated: green, orange, soft pink, electric blue, deep chocolate brown and camel. A pure white watch uses paved techniques entirely, inlaid 621 pieces diamonds, a total of 3.82 carats, shining thousands of lights. As the perfect works blended with the watch making craft and extremely female style, its unbelievable charisma makes people fascinating. Every style is limited to 18 piece and deserved to have.

The white gold watch style is inlaid 621 pieces diamonds which is a total of 3.82 carats on the bezel.

The desert camel paved watch style is set with 48 piece square andalusite on the bezel.

The enthusiasm coffee paved watch style is set with 48 square smoky quartzes on the bezel.

The midnight blue watch style is set with 48 square sapphires on the bezel.

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