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Eye Wear Lashes

TGIF everyone! I'm sure we're all ready and excited for the weekend!

Anyhoo, I'm excited to share a new brand of luxury lashes with you all! They're called Eye Wear Lashes and they make some really beautiful products. You can tell that a lot of care was taken into consideration from the product to the packaging.

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Marisa Sung

Nasi Gorgeng

Nasi Gorgeng is a classic Indonesian comfort food served to hungry on-the-go shoppers in Jakarta! I would love to make Nasi Gorgeng for Eddie and Alex Van Halen should they ever grant me an interview! :)

The Recipe
1. In a frying pan, saute' 1 clove finely chopped garlic over medium heat for 30 seconds.
2. Add 1/4 cup of Prawns and 1/8 cup of julienned squid, maintaining the same heat throughout.
3. Add Sambai which consists of the following crushed together in a mortar; 1/2 cup garlic, 1/8 cup shallots, 1/4 cup red chilies, 2/3 cups chopped tomatoes, and salt and pepper to taste.
4. Add 1 cup steamed long-grain white rice.
5. Stir in 1 tbsp. sweet soy sauce and 1 tsp. fish sauce to taste.

Van Halen The Best of Both Worlds

Marisa Sung

Little Bowls Of Heaven For Diwali

What's the one thing every Asian culture shares, from India to Japan? Rice! Some may argue noodles but rice is the mainstay as the main ingredient of the Continent's most iconic and beloved dishes!

The Flavors of Asia
Jasmine rice, ground coriander, Kaffir limes, ginger, garlic, white ginger, fresh turmeric, dried red chilies, ground turmeric, green chilies, long-grain basmati rice, bay leaves, long-grain sticky rice, black cardamom, Kaffir lime leaves, brown sticky rice and moong dal.

These are the ingredients or tools if you will for cooking world renowned Asian Dishes!

Cooking with Stella

Marisa Sung

Falling Down The TM Rabbit Hole. Should You Trust David Lynch With Your Children?

Should you trust David Lynch with your children?

This section of the site is addressed to parents of school-age children. My children are out of school but it hasn't been that long. It will never be too long for me not to be able to share what you feel towards your children. You love them and want all the best for them. If the David Lynch Foundation is offering to do wonderful things at your child's school then it will be made to sound extremely attractive. However, while it may be attractive on the outside, under the covers a very real risk to your child's psychological health has been raised.

David Lynch is a successful and much admired film and television director. He is also an ardent proponent of Transcendental Meditation. He has established the David Lynch Foundation For Consciousness-Based Education and World Peace. If you read the web site then you'll see that the goals of the foundation are quite noble and quite grand.

As the parent of a school-age child, however, you only need to know three things about him:

He wants your child to learn TM.
He'll pay for it.
He's wants to do this within the authority and moral auspices of your child's school.

The man has wonderful intentions. I know this because so did I when I was a TMer. He believes very deeply that TM will do wonderful things for your children.

And he has research to "prove" it. And lots of celebrity endorsements. And endorsements from educators. The problem is that none of those celebrities and educators know what is behind the facade of the Transcendental Meditation organization. They only know what they've been told.

So when the DLF pitches their proposal to your school's principal, they don't tell the principal everything. And when the principal calls a parent's meeting and lets them pitch it directly to the parents, the DLF folks don't tell you everything either.

You're the parent, so you be the judge: does Lynch have a stable view of reality?

Before continuing, I want to give you an idea of how very very far Lynch has fallen down the TM rabbit hole.

What's happening in the video is that Lynch is lending his prestige to support the "Raja of Germany" at a news conference held to promote the building of a "Tower of Invincibility" in Germany. The mere building of such a tower will make Germany literally invincible against its enemies! Lynch believes this! Furthermore he wants your children to believe it too! And some of them eventually will!

There's more to the invincibility thing though. In order to achieve invincibility the Tower must be staffed with "yogic flyers"! David Lynch believes that the people in this video are literally physically levitating! (While the music is a bit whimsical that video is not a joke - those guys do think that they are actually levitating!) Your kids will find out about levitation in the TM Clubs. They won't be taught how to "levitate" in the clubs but they will be indoctrinated via trance and suggestion so that it is something that many of them will end up strongly wanting to learn when they get old enough.

Picture your child in that video sometime in the future! It's highly possible. Those are somebody's children, and I guarantee that these young people didn't learn in grade school like your kids will. They weren't exposed to TM trance and suggestion indoctrination until after age 18, and they still ended up there! Grade-school kids don't have much of a chance against the type of powerful indoctrination they'll be exposed to for years in school.

Yes, I said Raja, as in "King." Lynch believes that the guy in the Burger King crown and white sheets really is the Raja of Germany! He's "Raja of Germany for the Global Country of World Peace", and is therefore the spiritual leader of all of Germany!

The guy in the Burger King crown in the video is "Raja Emanuel." He is a sort of "assistant" Raja. He's "only" the Raja of Germany instead of Raja of the entire world, but he's still a "Raja."

He went to a real live "Raja Training Course" to attain this height. I'm dead serious, a course that he paid a million dollars for in order to train to be a "Raja." If you'll replay the video above you'll hear Lynch mentioning the power of the Raja Training Course to the audience. By the way, I'm sure that Emanuel Schiffgens was a fairly normal guy too before Mahesh broke his mind and turned him into the blathering robot you see in the video.

Are you with me so far? There is a chief raja, a Maharaja, the "Maharaja Adhiraj Raja Raam", "Ruler of the Global Country of World Peace"! Here he is as a proto-Raja receiving his weight in gold from Mahesh. And his coronation ceremony is here.

Poor Tony Nader was just an ordinary guy (an accomplished scientist but he still put his pants on one leg at time) until Mahesh broke his mind to the point that Nader believes all of that about himself.

Lynch believes that all of this stuff about the "Maharaja of the Global Country of World Peace" makes perfect sense and is literally true! He really thinks that Tony Nader is the supreme spiritual figure in the world! And this is what he wants your children to ultimately come to learn! And some of them will end up believing it
Would it bother you if your children became just as deluded?

Lynch doesn't just believe that these guys are literally spiritual kings. He believes in the entire TM fantasy universe. Lynch is completely unbelievably nuts! It takes nothing away from his being a great artist. And it's nothing personal, I was unbelievably nuts too. Lynch is a nice guy, I was a nice guy, it doesn't matter. Lynch is incredibly brilliant and creative, I'm pretty smart but not remotely as creative, it doesn't matter. We both put our pants on one leg at a time, we both have human psychologies, which does matter, and we were both just as helpless.

Lynch wants to teach your children to achieve the same delusional state he is in! For their own good, of course.

David Lynch knows what the total agenda of the TM organization is, but he won't say anything about it at the parent's meeting (which he may very well attend). He won't tell you that your daughter could quite easily end up as a celibate TM nun, or that your son could quite easily end up as a celibate TM monk. He won't tell you that they're very likely to end up in TM crazy-land (of course he doesn't see it as that). He probably doesn't think that crashing and burning can even happen (he's not a "full-time" TMer and probably hasn't seen it) but it does happen, and it could happen to your child.

These things won't happen to your children while they're minors, of course, but having them go down the TM rabbit hole is very likely after they have been stewed in TM juices (there will definitely be subtle but real TM religious indoctrination in these school "TM clubs") during their formative years, and they then achieve majority.

And this will happen to some of them (maybe yours) even if they are "intelligent." People think that cults prey on stupid people, but they don't. Even very high intelligence is no barrier to cult recruitment. Is your child smarter than David Lynch, for example?

Picture you child ending up with a dissociative disorder and induced psychosis as described here.
Lynch is deceiving you (for your own good of course)!

Why doesn't he want you to know the whole story? Because you "aren't ready" for the information. I've already discussed how TMers employ "mental reservations". They won't tell you everything during the introductory lectures either. A mental reservation is a form of deception. It is not deception by giving false information, it is deception by not giving all of the information. I was explicitly told in my TM "Teacher Training Course" that I should withhold information from the public that they "wouldn't understand". All TM advocates do this with the public! In particular, Lynch is doing this! But for beneficent reasons, so that people won't receive information that they "aren't ready" to understand which might cause them to miss out on the "benefits" of TM.

This deception-by-withholding is done for the good of your child! If you knew that your child could very well eventually end up as a TM monk or a TM nun, or if you knew that that your child may very well end up in a totally delusional state thinking that they are "levitating", or if you know about any of the many other things that the TM organization doesn't think you're ready for, then "you wouldn't understand." And then on the basis of your misunderstanding you might deny your child the benefits of Transcendental Meditation!

And that would be awful. Lynch wants the best for your child. He really does. Just because Lynch is brilliant and creative it doesn't mean that he's not also completely Looney-Tunes!

The thing about David Lynch is that all of his fabulous achievements don't change one particular thing: they don't change the fact that he is a human being with a human psychology And they don't change the fact that every human psychology comes with a standard set of weaknesses.

This means that David Lynch is as vulnerable as anyone else to falling under the sway of a cult. Again, even very high intelligence is no barrier to cult recruitment, because the psychology of cult recruitment bypasses the intellect. And artistic genius actually makes one more vulnerable because of the fantastic imagination that comes with it.

Cults just love intelligent and creative people. This is because they are just as easily recruited as anyone else, and once recruited they make fantastic tools!

Lynch has completely lost himself, literally, in TM. And in his obvious innate love and compassion for his fellow human beings, once he conceived of a TM crusade then he ran brilliantly with it.

But he's only human, folks. Don't trust your child's happiness to his judgment. He wants your child to end up just like him.
Some facts

The DLF tried to get into a school in San Rafael, California. Unfortunately for them one of the school's parents, Gina Catena, was a former fully-involved TMer who knew everything found in this web site and more. Here's her letter to the School District. Even after that the principal and school district wanted to continue with the program! However having gotten wind of this the DLF withdrew their offer . I can only think it's because Gina is very well known in the TMer community and knows where the bodies are buried, and the DLF knew they were in for some bad publicity. They will tell you that TM is a "simple natural relaxation technique." That's all they say about what your children will learn. This is "mental reservation again", i.e. a deception. The TM technique is never taught alone, it is only ever taught combined with instruction in TM-the-religion. This isn't the first time that TMers have tried to insinuate themselves into public schools. They tried it in the 70's. What Mahesh did was to recast TM religious doctrine in the guise of a "science", which he dubbed the "Science of Creative Intelligence." All of the dogma was still there, it was just enrobed in pseudoscientific babble. Since many people seem to think that anything that sounds like science is science, a lot of people fell for the "SCI" approach. However, the United States District Court for the District of New Jersey found that SCI is religious doctrine. Your kids will be learning the exact same doctrine.

The DLF will have already preemptively prepared the principal and the school district with defenses against your objections! The principal knows that you are coming, and has been prepped. You will have already (without knowing exactly who you will turn out to be yet) been cast as "ignorant" of what TM really is. And you will have been cast as a bit of a religious fanatic if you have religious convictions (TMers don't like the First Amendment much). In the art of rhetoric this strategy is called poisoning the well. It will allow the principal and school district to rationalize dismissing you out of hand without really considering the merits of your arguments. Remember, the principal and the school district have already put themselves out on a limb for this and they are very likely to fight you, as was the experience in San Rafael. When the parent meeting was called there the establishment of a "TM Club" in school was presented to the parents as a fait accompli which they were being informed of, not being consulted on! It's only because parents, including Gina, made themselves informed and then stood their ground that it was stopped. Don't be cowed. Even if the program gets ramrodded in you can still fight it.
You will be told that the DLF is giving a "grant to the school". This sounds great, except that the grant money does not go to the school. It goes to the TM organization.
There have been no longitudinal studies on the effect of this dissociative mediation technique on the developing psychologies of children. The few studies that have been done on children and youth consist of study samples too small to be statistically significant.

If the DLF has your school in their sights, or if they are already there, then you are not only dealing with a highly respected and admired public figure, you are also dealing with highly polished full-time professional TMers who have dedicated their whole lives to this. They'll fight you with some very slick "mental reservation", and unless you know what they're hiding it will be hard to counter them. I'd be happy to give you advice on countering their arguments. You can also write to Gina (the San Rafael mom) here. And you can visit her blog " comingtolifestories.com."



Marisa Sung

Chinese Proverb Of The Day

Enough shovels of earth -- a mountain. Enough pails of water -- a river.

A River Runs Through It

Marisa Sung

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370: Indonesia ‘On Alert’ For Plane Debris Washing Up On Shore

As the hunt for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 expanded on Wednesday with the arrival of a second search ship, residents of Indonesia have been placed “on alert” to spot wreckage or debris from the missing plane that could wash up on the shores of the archipelago nation of more than 250 million people — the world’s fourth-most populous country.

Indonesia stretches across nearly 18,000 islands, almost 1,000 of which are populated. The islands reach from northwest of Australia almost to that country’s northeast corner. In other words, the debris from Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, if any actually exists, could turn up in any one of thousands of locations.

But the Australian Transport Safety Bureau, which is the agency now in charge of the massive and painstaking search for Flight 370 along the largely unexplored floor of the remote Indian Ocean, said the the westernmost Indonesian islands are the most likely areas where Flight 370 debris could wash up.

The ATSB said in a new update on the search on Wednesday that it has received numerous reports from members of the public in Australia, describing “material washed up on the Australian coastline that they think may be wreckage or debris from MH370.”

But the ATSB says that none of those reports have panned out and wreckage is more likely to have drifted north and west of Australia, according to the data now being used by investigators.

“Drift modeling undertaken by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority has suggested that if there were any floating debris, it is far more likely to have travelled west, away from the coastline of Australia,” the ATSB said in its latest update on the Malaysia Airlines search. “Some materials may have drifted to the coastline of Indonesia and an alert has been issued in that country requesting that the authorities be alerted to any possible debris from the aircraft.”

The Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777-200 suddenly vanished during a routine flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing on March 8. No sign of the plane or any of its 239 passengers and crew has been seen or heard from since that date. Investigators believe the the plane mysteriously took a hard westward turn and flew for about seven hours until crashing into the remote Indian Ocean when it ran out of fuel.

That conclusion was based largely on satellite data showing that, even with all of the rest of its communications systems shut down, the Malaysia Airlines plane continued to send “ping” signals to a satellite operated by the British firm Inmarsat.

But last week, Inmarsat analysts released a report saying that their data was subject to errors and that “significant uncertainty” remained as to the plane’s final resting place.

That uncertainty did not deter Malaysia’s Defense Minister Hishammuddin Hussein from offering a highly confident prediction about the search for Flight MH370 at a press briefing Wednesday.

“I am 99.9 percent optimistic in locating the missing aircraft,” Hussein said. “But the ocean is huge. And it all depends on various factors including the condition of the sea.”

The Dutch search vessel Discovery was scheduled to join the hunt for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 on Wednesday, about 1,100 miles off the Australian coast.

SOURCE: http://www.inquisitr.com/1557134/malaysia-airlines-flight-370-indonesia/...

I'm Leaving on a Jet Plane

Marisa Sung

Rowing Is The New Spinning

A fresh take on an old-school workout promises to make you long and lean—pronto.

Die-hard spinners are jumping off their bikes and on to … rowing machines? Yes, it's true. Call it the fitness trend that no one predicted, but suddenly boutique rowing studios are opening at a fast pace across the country and loads of converts are swearing off cycling classes. "I drank the Spin Kool-Aid like so many—but after a year I plateaued and no longer saw the results I wanted," says Hilary Rainey, 26, a manager at a nonprofit. She's a regular at New York's CityRow studio, going twice a week, and has lost 11 pounds in just under two months. Jessica Luftig, 38, a project manager, has gone three to four times a week religiously since February in lieu of TRX Suspension Training and barre-toning classes and dropped 25 pounds. "I can't get enough," she says.

Here's why: Rowing just might be the most efficient exercise ever. "With each stroke, pretty much every part of the body is used," says Stella Lucia Volpe, an exercise physiologist and professor of nutrition sciences at Drexel University in Philadelphia and an avid rower. And it may let you skip crunches—for good. "A big part of rowing is core strength," she adds. "People think it's all arms, but rowing is much more legs and core."

CityRow founder and CEO Helaine Knapp decided to line a loft with rowing machines after losing weight and making her own body "tight" with a rowing machine at her local gym. She hired a team of fitness pros to create a 50-minute high-intensity interval-training workout (which alternates between the rower and the mat), and opened CityRow last January. Classes are often wait list only.

Similar to indoor cyclists, rowers are meant to stay in sync with one another, as they would if they were gliding across the water. However, unlike Spinning's call for 95 percent legs and 5 percent upper body, the rowing ratio is more along the lines of 60 percent legs and 40 percent upper body. CityRow's mantra ("legs! core! arms!") is repeated again and again throughout each 30- to 60-second sprint.

"Rowing is a full-body exercise, and it keeps the heart rate elevated," says Garrett Roberts, an exercise physiologist and personal trainer who founded GoRow Studios in Hoboken, New Jersey. "But then it's leg press after leg press and row after row, so there's a huge strength-training component to it too."

Which is why you'll get a svelte physique faster. "Rowing burns two to three times the amount of calories of Spinning," explains Roberts. "Unlike a bike, which only has resistance in one direction, rowing has resistance in both directions—forward and back—making you much stronger and increasing the rate at which you burn calories."

Josh Crosby, a former competitive rower and a co-creator of the WaterRower GX (a.k.a. Indo-Row), a rowing machine outfitted with a water-filled flywheel, says that the GX not only adds natural resistance but also allows you to hear the swoosh of water with every pull. Crosby, along with fitness pro Jay Blahnik, incorporated the modern rower into ShockWave, a class developed for Equinox gyms. In addition to the stellar calorie burn (up to 800 calories an hour), the workout has a secret perk—perfecting your posture, says Gregg Cook, a ShockWave instructor at Equinox in New York. "Most people are hunched forward over their desk all day," he notes. "This wakes up all the muscles in your back."

Ironically, just as the rowing machine is transitioning out of the water, the stationary bike is being submerged—in what looks like a personal Jacuzzi. At London's Hydrofit spa, clients like Pippa Middleton (famous for her rear view) pop on headphones and watch TV or listen to music as they pedal away. Devotees at Waterbike outposts in France (and a few other European countries) also "ride" for 30- or 45-minute sessions with pulsing water jets—thought to rev up circulation and banish cellulite—that are aimed at dimple-prone areas, i.e., the butt and thighs.

But back to why weaving rowing into your workout repertoire is a must (even House of Cards' fantastically fit Claire Underwood has taken up rowing in place of her beloved running). "Rowing truly uses every part of the body," Volpe says. So you can spin like crazy in water—or a vat of oatmeal, for that matter—and it won't even come close to the results you'll get from rowing.


Raymond Lam 林峰 - Let's Get Wet

Marisa Sung

Kimberly Guilfoyle Is Wrong: Young Women Should Vote And Use Tinder And Match.com

While most of the country is busy trying to get voters — and in particular, young ones — to the polls for the upcoming mid-term elections, Fox News co-host Kimberly Guilfoyle had a different message this week for young women: Don’t bother going.

During an episode on Tuesday of The Five, Guilfoyle said young women should be “excused” from their civic duties so they can “go back on Tinder and Match.com.” She added that young women don’t have the proper “life experience” such as having kids and paying bills that allows older women to make informed decisions, whether in the voting booth or the courtroom. “They’re like healthy and hot and running around without a care in the world,” she said.

Her statement led to an immediate outcry from politically active and plugged-in women who pointed out that young women are, in fact, involved in the democratic process and worried about issues beyond what their online dating profile picture looks like. Statistics show that young women — and really, women in general — vote in slightly larger numbers than their male counterparts, according to Mindy Romero, the director of the California Civic Engagement Project at the UC Davis Center for Regional Change. The issues they’re concerned about range from access to health care to ending pay inequality and gender discrimination.

Jess McIntosh, a spokesperson for Emily’s List, which helps Democratic women get elected to office, says, “I have a job where I get to see a lot of really awful things said about women and this really shocked me in a way that I haven’t been shocked in awhile. Republicans have a hard time with messaging to young women specifically, but to tell them to just stay home is the most insulting thing they could do. Young women are some of the most concerned and engaged segment in the electorate that’s out there. The idea that they’re hot and running around without a care in the world isn’t found in reality.”

Most likely, Guilfoyle’s statement was politically motivated: The young female vote skews Democratic, something many Republican strategists are aware of. “Hers is not a neutral political statement,” Romero says. “Only white, married women skew Republican. Unmarried women, women of color, and single moms skew Democratic. These groups are all more economically vulnerable, and more likely to be supportive of issues that are on the Democratic platform, like education, social services, and a social safety net.”

In 2012, single women voted for President Barack Obama over Mitt Romney by a margin of 36 points, and many experts say that single women could be the deciding factor in many of the upcoming midterm elections.

Romero also points out, however, that Guilfoyle might be making a tactical mistake. Voting is habit forming, and telling younger women to stay home is a good way of not ever getting them to polls. This means they won’t go even when, according to Guilfoyle’s logic, they’re old enough to make those informed decisions that come only from paying bills or having babies.

“If you start voting while you’re young, you’re likely to continue to be a voter for the rest of your life,” Romero says. “If you don’t, it’s harder for voting to become a regular thing. If you choose to ignore younger women, you are setting older women up to have a less of a voice in the electorate someday too.”

Beyond that, experts said it’s unsettling that the older woman’s message to women still finding their way in the world was basically to tell them not to get more involved. “It’s just so profoundly sexist to suggest that young women are incapable of understanding the decisions they make in the voting both, and it’s extra disappointing to hear a women saying that,” McIntosh says.

Romero agreed: “I think it terribly discouraging and irresponsible for anyone to make that argument, but particularly a high-profile woman who has a platform that could be utilized to encourage young women to have a greater voice. In fact, she’s discouraging them.”



Navy Blue And Teal Glitter Mani

I call this one the Midnight Sorceress! :D I know I've been sharing a lot of Halloween-inspired makeup, so I wanted to add some festive nail designs in the mix as well.

This is pretty much the same technique that I use for my other glitter gradients. See my Halloween Disco Nails tutorial. However, the lighter part of the gradient begins at the cuticle of the nail as opposed to the tips.

Products used:

  • Revlon Moon Candy polish in Galactic
  • Orly nail polish in It's Up To Blue
  • Wet N Wild Mega Rocks polish in Slap The Bass

More Halloween-inspired nail looks to come, so stay tuned!


Marisa Sung

Ralph Rucci On Halston

Ahead of a new monograph by Halston's niece, Ralph Rucci recalls the designer's larger-than-life glamour!

I discovered Halston in the '70s when I was at NYU. I found myself wandering Madison Avenue, where Halston had a boutique on 68th Street. It was the chicest thing in the world. No one at the time had boutiques that far uptown; he took an old brassiere store, cut away the front of the building, and made a trapezoidal glass door. He was a revolutionary. I knew I wanted to work for him, so I concocted a plan: I took my sister, Rosina, to Halston's made-to-order department, and I said to her, "We are going to order something." She tried on a sample-size white cashmere jumpsuit, backless. The woman who helped us was named Sassy Johnson; she still comes to my shows. My sister was young and working, and she had a charge card, but I believe the jumpsuit was $1,500, and the cardigan that came out after was another $1,500—which today would be, like, $10,000! And I said, "We'll take them." As Sassy was writing everything up, I said, "I would like to ask you for a favor. I'm a young fashion designer, and I would like an audience with Halston."

An appointment was set for a June day. Halston was in the process of moving his studio into the Olympic Tower on Fifth Avenue, and when you walked into his office there, his red lacquer desk was in front of the spires of St. Patrick's Cathedral. So you saw that view behind his head and he had those weird sunglasses on and he was holding his cigarette, and he said, "Please sit down." I was a nervous wreck; he was very intimidating. My teeth were chattering. He was going through my book, and he asked, "What do you want to do?" I told him, "I would greatly love to work for you and to work under Mr. Salvatore Cardello and to learn." But I knew I'd nailed the interview when he got to the design of a gown that was made out of red silk faille. It had two crisscross straps, very simple and sleeveless, with a bateau neckline. He asked me, "What does the pattern look like?" And I said, "An upside-down tulip in Palm Beach." He adored that answer. I got a phone call soon after, and they offered a salary that was basically nothing, but it was my first job in New York and fashion.

There was a whole world around his desk. I was in the atelier, and I wanted to be because Mr. Cardello ran the workroom and he'd trained as a young boy at Balenciaga in Paris. Halston adored Balenciaga and the techniques and subtleties that Cardello knew; I wanted to learn them. Same with the great Bill Dugan, who was Halston's right hand for 15 years.

The clothes were haute couture, but Halston never used those words because he always believed in being American, and so he called them "made-to-order." What he did with chiffon, fur, and hammered satin—he took the idea of simplicity and gave it a grander and more modern point of view. I once witnessed him cut a dress in purple chiffon on the floor with no seams, just one half circle that wrapped around the body. I have it in our archives.

He was very disciplined. He wore the same thing every day: a black cashmere turtleneck, thin gauge; black well-cut trousers; Italian shoes; and a petrol silk raincoat if it was raining or a black double-face cashmere topcoat. He carried a black Hermès briefcase, and he always wore aviator sunglasses. Those sunglasses broadcast a message: They said, "You may come this far."

When I worked for him I was terribly shy. I didn't really speak unless I was spoken to. I was always in the workroom; I wasn't in the front saying, "Halston! That's divine!" That was my decision—I actually felt that was a little distasteful. He would want to know from the boys in the inner circle, "Who did you sleep with last night? Who did you pick up at Studio 54?" But I wasn't part of that circle, and I didn't know the gossip because it was none of my business.

Halston brought into fashion the idea of dressing both social ladies as well as the pretty young things. There were the ladies from Park and Fifth Avenue, fun people like Nan Kempner and Pat Buckley and Babe Paley and the divine Betsy Theodoracopulos. His number one was Elsa Peretti—they were attached at the hip—and she is still beyond chic. But he was also connected with the Warhol crowd, especially through Victor Hugo, his boyfriend. It was that wonderful mixture that was happening in the late '70s, early '80s. Sometimes it was really shocking.

Halston loved working one-on-one with a client. He sketched prolifically, and he adored planning a wardrobe. He would ask, "Where are you going?," and then design clothes that would be useful. He would sit down with Liza Minnelli and prepare her suitcases until she had everything she needed. Gloria Guinness had this huge property in Bermuda, I think, and one year she went in to Halston for all new clothes for the summer. He did all washable caftans and tunics in rayon and polyester; everything was so modern and chic. He was the first one to use rayon in high-level ready-to-wear. He cut everything on the bias, like flying saucers, and the clothes walked: Air filled the room, and they just floated by. His women never looked overdressed—they were ravishing, sexy, and, at the same time, cool.

As told to Charlotte Cowles.



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