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These Historical Romances Will Make You Live, Laugh, Cry, And Love Like Never Before

There is something magical about romances of the eras gone by. From unspoken seething passion and grand sacrifices to demure looks and insurmountable obstacles, love in olden days was a mystical, enamoring subject that consumed you, and yet made you want to devour more of it. Romance remains an extensively-read genre, and no prizes for guessing, that most women love reading romance novels.


The Beginner’s Guide To Planning The Right Closet For A Room

The truth about planning the right bedroom closet is that it doesn’t matter if the space is big or small, the key is to use that space as efficiently as possible. Narrow down your expectations from the closet and factor in ways to achieve order. Start by identifying the problem areas - the size of the closet, elements that don’t work for you, and creating enough useful space. The closet should be organized so that it results in you finding the right clothes in a timely fashion.


Are You Shopaholics? Here Are Some Tips

Do you get thrilled no end by adding stuff to virtual shopping cart(s)? Do you prefer shopping online for even the most basic needs such as a bottle of shampoo? Does the entire prospect of browsing through the ‘new arrivals’ or ‘discount’ sections of eCommerce websites give you the thrills? If you find yourself nodding yes in reply to all these questions, then welcome to the online shopaholics club!


6 Wardrobe Essentials Every Fashionista Must Own



Dressing right can make you the star of any event. Your friends and family members may just brand you a fashionista. To achieve this, you need to know the basics of fashion and keep a close eye on the latest trends. Sometimes, this can be as easy as trusting your instincts and opting for a quirky look.


My Last Post

Check out my new blogspace, FeministAsianDad.com!

Check out my new blogspace, FeministAsianDad.com!

Yes, this is the last one.

Let me begin by thanking all of you who have read my writing on AsianceMagazine.com over the last three-plus years! I hope you've enjoyed your time here. I've certainly enjoyed the opportunities to share with you things connected to raising my Asian American daughters.


10 Most Disturbing Deaths At The Olympic Games

top 10 shocking tragedies during the summer and winter Olympics


My Day At The Republican National Convention (Part 2)

American enough for the modern GOP?

American enough for the modern GOP?

As I said in part one, most folks who meet me these days think of me as a liberal or progressive. But it used to be the opposite.

It was an Asian invasion of the Republican kind.


Kygo Live @ Ultra Music Festival Miami 2016 Full Set HD

Great sex music...plus this video shows just how good looking the people are in Miami.


My Day At The Republican National Convention (Part 1)

Yes, I look different now. So?

Yes, I look different now. So?

These days, most folks think of me as a liberal or progressive. But I have not always been that way.

It was mid-August 1992, and the weather in Houston was unusually mild. The highs for the week were expected to be in the 70s instead of the typical upper 90s (which felt more like triple digits when you added in the Gulf Coast’s notorious humidity). Many a visitor in town probably said a quick prayer of thanks for the nicer weather, praising God that they weren’t melting while shuttling from their air-conditioned hotel to the air-conditioned Astrodome and back.

Sun Fan

It's ‪#‎WorldSnakeDay‬… But Most People Have NO IDEA What Snakes Go Through.

It's ‪#‎WorldSnakeDay‬… but most people have NO IDEA what snakes go through. Most that fulfill our shoes are caught

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