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The Best Kitchen Appliance For A Healthy And Simple Thanksgiving

Get beautiful this holiday season with some easy at home meals that are easy to make and can be as healthy or indulgent as you please. As Thanksgiving quickly approaches, I had the pleasure of sitting down with superhero, Turkey Dude, half man – half turkey, former WWE wrestler, Gene Snitsky. He has been flying throughout the country to demonstrate how super simple, actually one-touch easy, it is to put together some holiday recipes in the Power Pressure Cooker XL. All recipes In fact, can even be slightly tweaked with low fat or vegan options for a healthy meal.


Robot Sex Orgasms May Extend Human Life Span

Speaking of robot posts, this is my ideal:

Extending my life is not something on my bucket list but if it's in the cards, please make it full of orgasms!


5 Most Advanced Humanoid Robots USA/JAPAN

See the differences between a robot made in the US and a robot made in Japan.


Ronda Rousey Gets Knocked Out By Holly Holm

Wow! Did not see this coming!!


Watch Time's Luxury Watch Show Comes To NYC

WatchTime Magazine, which is dedicated to wristwatch collectors and enthusiasts WatchTime New York, on October 23rd and 24th at Gotham Hall, drawing an enthusiastic crowd of more than 1,000 guests.

Twenty luxury watch brands, from internationally established brands to up-and-coming independents displayed some of their newest styles to discerning guests and media. The show opened with a VIP cocktail party on Friday the 23rd and THE following day included exclusive sessions such as a guided “timepiece tour” of the event and “Inside Basel & Geneva” multimedia presentation; and an informal

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Forbes Could Be Up For Sale Again! Asian Investors Pulled Out Of Deal

The ownership of Forbes Media is up in the air after its founding family accused two Asian investors of reneging on a deal to buy a majority stake in the business publishing empire.

The family, led by scion Steve Forbes, claims they are owed millions on the sale struck in the fall of 2014, and are suing to a force a liquidation of the investors’ Integrated Whale Media, whose sole holding is Forbes Media.

This means 98-year-old Forbes magazine, its Web site, conference business and related assets could end up back in play.

“Integrated Whale potentially faces being put into liquidation due to its failure to pay its debt to the Forbes plaintiffs,” according to one suit filed in the British Virgin Islands, where the holding company is based.

The Forbes family, which filed a parallel complaint in Delaware Chancery Court, claims the Hong Kong-based businessmen behind Integrated Whale — Tak Cheung Yam, head of investment firm Integrated Asset Management, and Wayne Hsieh, founder of Asustek Computer — are “typical deadbeat investors” who refuse to pay up.

Integrated Whale falsely claims that Timothy Forbes, the younger brother of Chairman Steve Forbes, had given it an oral waiver on overdue interest payments, the suit alleges.

“Not only was no waiver given, but Mr. [Timothy] Forbes delivered the exact opposite message at the meeting and demanded immediate payment of the overdue interest,” the suit claims.

Integrated Whale bought a 95 percent stake in the Forbes assets. While terms of the deal were not disclosed, the price paid valued the entire business at roughly $475 million, including debt, sources said.

Only an upfront payment was made by the two Asian businessmen said to be around $215 million, according to sources. They never paid another dime on the three promissory notes issued by the family, according to court papers.

As a consequence, the family, which kept a minority stake said to be around 5 percent, may reluctantly end back in full control of the media empire founded by B.C. Forbes in 1917.

Integrated Whale holds four of the seven seats on the Forbes Media board. Steve and Tim Forbes each hold a seat as does CEO Mike Perlis. Only three board meetings have been held since the deal was closed and Yak and Hsieh skipped them all.

The dispute involves warring members of the holding company, and not the operating company that continues to publish the magazines and Web site.

Despite the turmoil at the top, Perlis said in a memo to staffers that through Sept. 30 “overall revenue was up 13 percent due primarily to a growth in digital.”



Sophia Abella In Upcoming Bollywood Film "Love Actually"



Sophia Abella strong message to PMO India, Narendra Modi पीएम नरेंद्र मोदी को इस ट्रांसजेंडर का खुला संदेश… नई दिल्ली, टीम डिजिटल : यूएस में एलजीबीटी को मान्यता मिल गई। यूएस कोर्ट के इस आदेश के बाद वहां बसे इस संप्
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The Armor Of Light

Many movies bring tears to my eyes. But no film has ever made me utterly and completely lose it - until now.


CDL Training Houston TX

Do you still need to undergo a CDL Training Houston even if you already know how to operate trucks?

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LUNGevity's Celebration Of Hope Gala

Photo credit Rose Billings

Photo credit Rose Billings

Lung cancer is one of the silent cancers that’s often associated with long term smoking though 60% of patients have never even smoked. However this deadly cancer can be slowed down if caught in time and every 1 in 15 Americans is diagnosed with this horrific disease with 221,000 Americans diagnosed every year and takes more lives than the three leading cancers combined including colorectal, breast and prostate.

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