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How Chelsea Clinton Made $65K In An Hour

She's not even worth one cent an hour!

Hillary Clinton’s name initially came to mind when the University of Missouri at Kansas City was looking for an influential celebrity to speak at a power luncheon celebrating the opening of a women’s hall of fame earlier this year – until they saw her $275,000 appearance fee.

The public university was not prepared to shell out the six-figure fee Clinton, 67, demanded so they turned to the more economical option in the family: her daughter, Chelsea.


Dare To Dream: The Story Of The U.S. Women's Soccer Team

I love this documentary! Come on #TeamUSA win the World Cup!


The American Express Gold Card Celebration

All that glitters is sometimes gold. Amex celebrated their gold card in a grand way showing us that sometime the iconic plastic card not only can buy us fancy designer duds but can also become a designer dress bringing conspicuous consumption to a whole new level. Guests celebrated on Milk Studios’ penthouse rooftop to enjoy newly debuted cocktails and dishes from Gabrielle Hamilton, head chef of popular NYC restaurant Prune, like her twist on the classic deviled eggs, which she spruced up with golden trout roe.

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Summer Snack Roundup

Fusion Jerky

Fusion Jerky

During the summer, we are always on the go, and finding a healthy snack isn’t always easy to satisfy those hunger pains. But here’s a roundup of some healthy and portable snacks coming out this summer that are not only tasty but good for you.

7-Eleven® is introducing 7-Select™ GO!Yum which includes a more indulgent assortment and 7-Select™ GO!Smart which includes better-for-you products to help customers’ make healthier eating choices when on-the-go- with premium chocolates and reduced sodium and MSG free jerky.

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Why Great Women Marry Total A–holes

I have learned to tweak my radar to detect asshole, dick douches.

Ever watch a wedding ceremony unfold between your good female friend and the jackass she’s inexplicably marrying? If so, you probably wanted to “speak now” — but instead, you held your peace. Forever.

Some couplings make you smack yourself in the forehead and think, “Why the hell is she with him?” Here, researchers attempt to answer that question.

The a–hole appeal

Jerks tend to possess a lot of characteristics that appeal to women, says Gregory Carter, PhD, a psychologist at the University of Durham in the UK. Those traits include a socially dominant and outgoing demeanor, lots of confidence, and vanity (i.e., a tendency to dress well and take care of themselves), Carter says.

And her attraction to such qualities could be biological. “All these [traits] signal to women that a man has confidence, good genes, and access to resources — things that from an evolutionary standpoint would have been appealing or offered security,” says Vinita Mehta, PhD, a Washington, DC-based clinical psychologist.

Narcissists, psychopaths and Machiavellian types — or what psychologists sometimes call the “Dark Triad” cluster of negative personality traits — also tend to be very competitive, Carter says. They’ll chase women who are married, with another guy, or who are vulnerable — the types of girls “nice guys” wouldn’t hit on. That increases a creep’s access to potential mates, Carter says.

Attract women like a jerk

So how can you follow the prick’s playbook without becoming one? Men who talk about interesting goals or hobbies come off as confident, which women find attractive, says Sean Murphy, a researcher at Australia’s University of Queensland.

That doesn’t mean you should gloat about your six-figure salary or the epic hike you totally crushed last weekend. But elaborating on what you do or enjoy is a good way to play up your talents and achievements without seeming arrogant, Murphy says.

Humor and creativity signal to women that you have good genes, Mehta says. So if you do anything artsy — like take photos or play the guitar — mentioning those hobbies should raise your stock with women.

Plus, the way you sit and gesture can signal whether you’re socially dominant or submissive, and dominance is a trait that women are programmed to love, Mehta says. Research shows you should spread your arms while seated and rest a hand on a buddy’s shoulder to give off that alpha-male vibe.

Phssstt! Whateve! Amateurs!

Originally published in Men's Health


5 Scary Things That Happen To Your Penis When You Get Old

See men! You have an expiration date! Get over yourselves. You're not ageless!

These are things that will, in all likelihood, be happening to your manhood eventually.

The drop

According to Steixner — and verified by the naked guys over 70 shuffling around every health club locker room coast to coast — your scrotum will droop as you get older.

It’s an unavoidable aspect of manly aging thanks to a loss in muscle mass. At its most extreme, you develop what Steixner calls “splash down” syndrome, which is exactly what it sounds like.

When you sit to use the toilet, your scrotum actually hits the water.

There’s hope, however, thanks to an increasingly popular procedure called scrotoplasty. That’s right, you can get a sack-job and spare your septuagenarian self the indignity of the splash down.

There will be shrinkage — permanent shrinkage

No, not the out-of-the-pool constriction we all know. This is a persistent, progressive loss of size as you age.

What does that equation look like? Normal cells, once hale and hearty, get replaced by non-elastic fibers called collagen, which just sort of reel in the whole apparatus.

Want to make it worse? Keep building up that beer gut. As your belly gets bigger, the fat pad pushes out and a larger penile percentage gets buried under the skin. Gain weight, loose length. Simple math.

You can do something about it! Learn how to Lose Your Spare Tire with Just Two Exercises, and protect your penis!

“For every 30 pounds you shed, you add an effective half-inch in length,” says Steixner.

Going around the bend

Into your autumn years, you develop curvature. You’ll dogleg left. You’ll pull right. Thanks to repeated trauma from seemingly harmless things like sports and sexual activity, scar tissue is accumulating along the length of your penis.

And if that isn’t unsettling enough, this scar tissue does not build up symmetrically. Where you were once an arrow, you become a bow.

“Into your 60s and 70s,” says Steixner, “it can get worse and worse. I’ve seen patients (whose penises) look for all appearances like a question mark.”

Mercifully, there’s help for punctuation mark syndrome. Today, injectable medicines help release the accumulated plaques anchoring the scar tissue holding your penis in that curve.

It’s actually a botulinum toxin that does the trick. That’s right, botox injections. Down below. Bite your lip and think happy thoughts.

Erectile dysfunction

There are more than 30 million men with ED, and the reason behind it boils down to blood loss.

“Having ED is like having a heart attack of the penis,” explains Steixner. “And preventing it involves pretty much the same advice you give to someone with a heart condition. Eat well, exercise — control those and you should be fine.”

Contending with ED is a billion-dollar market, with treatments from prescription pills and injections to boost blood flow, to penile implants designed to give men a natural erection without medicine.

“If you take care of yourself, however, you can avoid all that,” Steixner says. “I have patients in their 90s who have perfect erections because they’ve taken care of themselves.”

Finally, some encouraging news.

The big C

Most men are familiar with the very real risks of prostate and testicular cancer, and symptoms of these are something to watch for as you age. But there’s also a risk of skin cancer on the penis itself, especially if you’re a nudist or like to frequent tanning beds au naturel.

Also, men who are uncircumcised but remiss in their personal hygiene can create conditions that contribute to skin cancer.

“Stay out of tanning beds, and if you are uncircumcised, keep the hood clean,” urges Steixner.

What’s the worst that can happen? Don’t ask.

OK, you asked: “In extreme cases, a complete removal of the penis is required,” Steixner says. “It happens. Maybe once a year. I have a patient—”

Stop there, Doc. Please. Just stop there. No tanning beds. Stay clean. We got it.

As for the less horrifying, more likely changes we talked about at first, know that as you age, your testosterone levels will decrease. That means slight but consistent loss in size.

You can also look forward to decreased nerve function and sensitivity, which means difficulty achieving orgasm.

In other words, your old man penis is going to last longer, but get shorter.

Ponder that good-news/bad-news scenario at your retirement party. And don’t forget that it could be worse. So, so much worse.

By Brian Steixner, MD, director of the Institute of Men’s Health for the Jersey Urology Group


5 Signs You're Overtraining

Working out is great for your body and your mind, so if you can do it more often, you should -- shouldn’t you? As it turns out, there’s such a thing as too much when it comes to training, and when you hit that point, you’re really doing a lot more harm than good. It’s called Overtraining Syndrome, and while it’s uncommon in average exercisers, it can be a big problem for athletes. If you notice any of the following signs, it’s time to step down your game:

Moodiness. Sure, everybody has a bad day or two, but no one is in a persistent bad mood without something bigger being wrong. If you’re not prone to depression or anxiety, life is generally stable and you’re suddenly feeling like your moods are out of control, you may be exercising too much. Take a break for a few days and examine your exercise goals -- maybe you could stand to be in the gym one less day a week or for shorter periods of time.

Fatigue. Whether you’re suddenly shortening workouts because you simply don’t have the stamina it takes to complete them anymore or you’re sleeping poorly and just feel tired all day, fatigue could be a sign of overtraining. You’re working yourself too hard and not allowing your body to recover, leading to a decreased ability to perform. Rest up and pace your workouts and you’ll soon be back to your old self.

Increased Injuries. Your workout pushes your muscles to capacity or beyond, so if you’re working out the same muscle groups every day it’s going to catch up to you. You may notice that you’re suddenly getting more injuries than usual or, more likely, reaggravating old injuries. Your workout routine should include a variety of activities so you can rotate muscle groups and allow them to heal. Building in rest days is also valuable to preventing overtraining.

Lack of Motivation. If you find yourself making excuses so you can skip the gym or forcing yourself to get on the treadmill, it’s likely that you’re overtraining. Your body and mind need time to rebuild between workouts, if you suddenly have no urge to exercise it could that your body is trying to tell you something. Give yourself a week off, make sure you’re getting plenty of sleep and proper nutrition. You’ll find your motivation in no time.

Plateauing. You’re pushing yourself as hard as you can, but you’re just not seeing the results you’re after -- or worse, you’ve gained a few pounds. When you’re working yourself into overtraining, your body responds by increasing cortisol levels and can even start to burn muscle. Slow down -- way down -- and give yourself time to rest. Your muscles are likely damaged and need time to heal. When you start back at the gym, take it slow.

If you’re finding that the gym atmosphere is pushing you to overtrain, consider purchasing your own fitness equipment, including a cardio machine like the Sole Treadmill or one of the many ellipticals we’ve reviewed at www.fitness-equipment-source.com. You’ll be surprised at the results when you leave the pressure behind and workout at your own pace in your home gym.


How To Make A Guy Fall For You

I don't need help in this area but maybe some of you other gals do! Actually, I know you do.
1) Not a good video. A relationship is two way. It's not all about him! Unless we're talking about the black community and that perfectly explains the vid.


10 Things Billionaires Won’t Tell You

What happens when so few control so much of the world’s wealth?
1.“We just get richer and richer.”
2.“One million — or 10 — ain’t what it used to be.”
3. “This is basically a boys’ club.”
4.“I may be smart, but I got a head start.”
5.“It’s like Monopoly money.”
6. “What scares us? Divorce lawyers.”
7.“We didn’t get rich investing in stocks.”
8.“You say evading, we say avoiding.”
9. “My family hates me, loves my money.”
10. “King Lear taught me everything I know.”

For the in depth article, please go to www.marketwatch.com


6 Scientifically Proven Features Men Find Attractive In Women

Maybe this is why my pet name is "Red Hot"!

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