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How Not To Raise A Narcissist In 9 Easy Steps

A study came out confirming that narcissists are largely bred, not born. The study, conducted by the University of Amsterdam and Ohio State University, found that “narcissism in children is cultivated by parental overvaluation: parents believing their child to be more special and more entitled than others.” (That’s scientific-speak for Special Snowflake Syndrome, and the researchers are talking about the other parents at your youth league soccer practice.)


Tips To Attract New Customers

Whether you’re an owner of a business that’s been operating for a long time or you’re at the head of a start-up company, your biggest concern will always be bringing in various new clients and customers. Of course, that’s easier said than done as some brands manage it better than others.

However, we’ve decided to make things a little easier by providing a small selection of helpful tips you can try out in order to increase your overall customer base if you’re a business owner.

Create Hype for Your Brand
To start off, you have to create a lot of hype and excitement about your company and brand.

Whether that’s through an advertising campaign that covers as many media outlets as necessary, or through a special launch offer, just try to stir up as much excitement and press as you possibly can.

Update Your Website Regularly
If you run a web-based company then regularly updating your site will not only keep people coming back to see new content, it will also make you look regularly active to any new users.

After all, if you were heading to an online site, you would want it to look like people are still using it and that it’s still active, especially if money is involved with it.

But don’t just put up any old content on your website; try to use blogs or other unique user-generated content. This provides a more human aspect to your company which appeals to a lot of people who prefer to interact with a person rather than a faceless brand.

Provide Your Customers with Promotions
A great tip is to provide users with tons of great promotions and competitions. Whether that’s in ‘BOGOF’ deals for retail items or sign up offers, just ensure that your company gives its customers deals they won’t get anywhere else.

For example, a lot of gambling sites do well with sign up offers like free spins on slots, no deposit bonuses of extra cash or welcome bonuses that maximise the amount of money someone can get from their first investment in a site.

Work On Customer Service
Customer service is one facet of your business that can either sink it completely or pull in tons of new patronage.

Make sure that your customer service is top notch and your team will always provide first point completion of calls. The last thing you want is a returning or new customer going away with a sour introduction to your brand, as not only will it put them off but they might turn away other potential users with bad recommendations.

You should also provide as many contact points as possible; the easier it is for customers to contact your company, the better.

Provide a Loyalty Program
To snag returning customers you should try to provide a fairly extensive loyalty programme. The more offers like points or perks you provide the more people you will bring in as they will see all the benefits of using your company repeatedly instead of others.

These are just a few tips you can try out to increase the number of returning customers to your company. There are, of course, plenty of others to try out so try experimenting with them to see which one works best for you.



CEO Cuts His Pay So Every Worker Can Earn $70K

We need more CEOs like him!

A CEO who announced that he’s giving himself a drastic pay cut to help cover the cost of big raises for his employees didn’t just make those workers happy.

He’s already gained new customers, too.

“We’ve definitely gained a handful of customers in the last day or two,” said Stefan Bennett, a customer relations manager at Gravity Payments, a credit card payment processing firm. “We’re showing people you can run a good company, and you can pay people fairly, and it can be profitable.”

Dan Price, chief executive of the company, stunned his 100-plus workers Monday when he told them he was cutting his roughly $1 million salary to $70,000 and using company profits to ensure that everyone there would earn at least that much within three years.

For some workers, the increase will more than double their pay. One 21-year-old mother said she’ll buy a house.

At a time of increasing anger nationally over the enormous gap between the pay of top executives and their employees, the announcement received immense attention. But corporate governance professor David Larcker of the Stanford University Graduate School of Business said it’s unclear if Price’s unusual gesture will start a trend.

“It’s an alternative way to think about a tough problem, and I give these guys a lot of credit for laying it out there,” Larcker said. “Whether this would scale to a bigger organization, it’s hard to know. But it’s clever, it’s interesting and it’s fun to think about.”

Washington state already has the nation’s highest minimum wage at $9.47 an hour, and earlier this month Seattle’s minimum wage law went into effect. It will eventually raise base hourly pay to $15.

Labor unions and workers in the Seattle area on Wednesday joined national protests for better pay. Drivers for Uber and Lyft, the app-based car-hailing services, gathered in Seattle, while airport workers rallied at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. In Seattle, police arrested 21 demonstrators who opted for civil disobedience to dramatize their point, refusing to move out of an intersection at the conclusion of their march.

Gravity’s CEO launched the company from his dorm room at Seattle Pacific University when he was just 19. He’s long taken a progressive approach that included adopting a policy allowing his workers to take unlimited paid vacation after their first year.

“I think this is just what everyone deserves,” Price told workers in a video of Monday’s announcement released by the company.

But he also acknowledged it won’t be easy: The increased pay will eat into at least half the company’s profits, he said, and he has no plans to simply raise rates on clients.

“It’s up to us to find a way to make it work,” he said.

Bennett, 28, went to college with Price and has worked for Gravity since graduation. He said he was already happy to work for a company that treats its employees and customers well in what he otherwise considers a predatory industry. For him, the raise will amount to about $10,000.


An Activist Dad, A Week In NYC

James, Qasir, Thierry, Fred, me, Ghanshyam

James, Qasir, Thierry, Fred, me, Ghanshyam

The Weather Outside Is Frightful
If you’ve flown JetBlue, you know that every passenger gets their own video screen. On March 5, as my flight into JFK began its descent, a nearby video feed showed a picture of a Delta plane that, just a few hours earlier, had skidded off the runway at nearby LaGuardia due to the day’s snowstorm. It was not a very comforting thought, but we landed with no problems, and we passengers gave the crew a hearty round of applause.

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Fall In Love With Aveda's Rare Bloom Collection

For makeup aficionados learn about the hottest spring trends in makeup this season with Aveda's Global Artistic Makeup director who will be on hand this Saturday at the Columbus Circle location. Hear her professional insight into the latest trends and tips for Spring color and enjoy a complimentary makeup application. View their dazzling limited Rare Bloom collection using botanical ingredients in saturated hues of fuschia and berry.

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Get Festival Ready With Princess Vera Wang

As the music festival scene is underway, get ready to rock sweet baby doll dresses, flowy maxi dresses, and peasant style boho chic tunics. The spring 2015 collection from Princess Vera Wang was inspired by the 70s boho luxe feel with plenty of pretty options to mix and match for Coachella to SXSW. Here are some of our favorite looks for spring.

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Simply Vera By Vera Wang's Garden Party

Even though the weather may indicate otherwise, we are officially in spring. One of the prettiest trends we’ve seen is this spring is the garden party- a full bloom of saturated jewel tone floral prints. Simply Vera by Vera Wang’s spring 2015 collection was inspired by bold florals and artful watercolors set amongst flowy and draped silhouettes which flatter the figure with an array of pretty prints. Here are some of our favorite looks for spring.

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The Exotic Flavors Of Somrus

Capturing the exotic flavors of India in a creamy liqueur, is Somrus, the Nectar of the Gods, that takes you on a journey to vibrant Indian subcontinent. Cream is carefully balanced with Caribbean rum and spiced with the luscious flavors of cardamom, rose, pistachio, saffron, and almonds to create a unique flavor profile that pairs perfectly with Indian cuisine as well as dessert, mixed in cocktails or a cup of chai tea. Befitting of the nectar of the Gods, Somrus is packaged in a regal and ornate gold coated bottle that embodies the richness of India’s most beloved palaces.


Boots Takes Over Manhattan

Favorite British beauty brand Boots has officially landed at Duane Reade with a full spectrum of their beloved beauty and makeup products. Since the opening of their first UK store in 1849, Boots recognizes that every woman possesses an individual beauty and offers an assortment of products and colors tailored to one’s individual tastes and needs without a hefty price tag.

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Effective Tips On Choosing And Applying Make-Up The Right Way

Almost all women can easily spend a couple of hours looking for the right make-up products. Most women think they have found the perfect lipstick or eye shadow only to completely hate it soon after.

If you are among those women, these tips will help you choose your make-up so you look glam at all times.

Selecting Eye Shadow that Works

If you're looking to buy an eye shadow or two for everyday wear, consider buying shades that work on you.

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