Marisa Sung
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"The Joy Luck Club", and "Empire of the Sun" are the best! Christian Bale starred in Empire so long ago! The boy could sing!

Empire Of The Sun - Trailer

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That is great, Jaymie! I had written to Janet Yang quite a few times and never had gotten any response back. I am glad you got an interview with her. She has been an inspiration to me because of all she has accomplished. Kudos to you and thank you.


ah, yes, brilliant asian minds, surpressed by white devils.
too bad so many professor prefer asian graduate students as they are complaint work horses and in general no threat. how many americans did not get those graduate positions,due to bringing in cheap asian, white collar labor. worst film i ever saw. that said in hollywood mass media films i notice they always kill the asian right away, so touche.
im a phd in mathematics by the way but there was too much of this nonsense going on 30 years ago with giving preference to asians with poor social and language skills.

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