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Are you Shopaholics? Here are some tips


Are You Shopaholics? Here Are Some Tips

Do you get thrilled no end by adding stuff to virtual shopping cart(s)? Do you prefer shopping online for even the most basic needs such as a bottle of shampoo? Does the entire prospect of browsing through the ‘new arrivals’ or ‘discount’ sections of eCommerce websites give you the thrills? If you find yourself nodding yes in reply to all these questions, then welcome to the online shopaholics club!

Although both men and women are equally addicted to this form of shopping, we will specifically take a look at some expert advice, which will help all the women shopaholics out there take an informed decision. Go through these points to get a better perspective:

#1 Use a new email address

Frequent shoppers usually register themselves on various eCommerce websites using their regular email address. This leads to an influx of promotional mails in their inbox. To avoid cluttering your inbox with such one-sided mails, create a new account and use it to shop from your favourite online stores.

This makes it all the more easy for you to check the latest offers on these sites at a single place and even organize them into folders for quick access! Just make sure that your username and password is easy for you (and not for others) to remember and use.

#2 Compare and buy

One of the best benefits of online shopping is that you can purchase the same thing from various websites without having to budge an inch from your seat. Why not make the most of this ‘privilege’ by comparing first and then making a purchase?

For instance, you totally dig this new jacket on a particular site and find it priced at xyz dollars. Now before you click the checkout button, take some time to see whether the same piece of clothing is available on rival websites and at what price? Maybe what you are getting at a certain price tag on one website is offered at a slashed price on another! So, the wise decision would be to make comparisons and then settle for the best bargain that you find.

#3 Scan the customer reviews

Many top online stores have the section for customer reviews immediately below the product description. Before you make up your mind to buy a particular product, make sure that you go through maximum reviews given for that product on the page to get a better idea about the same. If the review section is not present on the site, no sweat. You can do your own research and get reviews posted on different forums that will aptly address your concerns/queries.

#4 Use coupons and offers wisely

The best part of online shopping (for me at least!) are the lucrative offers and discount coupons. But these will be sheer waste if you do not use them without a wee bit of planning beforehand. For example, a site offers a ‘buy 3 get 2 free’ deal on footwear. If you do not want to stock up on shoes, flats and boots for the entire year, then ask around and see if a friend or a relative is looking forward to buy the same thing. If they do, then you can pool in to make a purchase together and avail the offer. The same goes for using discount coupons as well. Don’t forget to return the favor though when they are in your place!

#5 Read the policies

Different eCommerce websites have different shipping, delivery, return, exchange and other policies. Usually, they are present at the bottom of the website along with other vital information such as links to contact them or to read FAQs about their store. What you need to do is to go through each and every policy given on a particular site.

I understand that it is not possible to do so when you are focused on shopping and so, the solution is to take some time out beforehand and go through the policies of the common online stores you frequent. It is just like reading the fine print and quite essential to avoid any issues or hassles in the future.

On a parting note

Whether you are women shopaholics or not, I am sure that these tips will definitely help you make the most of your online shopping and give you best returns on your money. So, just let your hair down and enjoy your shopping expedition using them!


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