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Steal the Show with These Summer Fashion Trends


Steal The Show With These Summer Fashion Trends

Summer Fashion


Despite the weather being hot and sunny, summer is a good time to put your bright side forward. Summer clothing ought to be comfortable to help you stay cool in the high temperature. But,looking fashionable does be limited to donning the right clothes. You need to pair them with some cool accessories to outshine the summer sun.

Bear in mind that wearing a lot of unnecessary accessories with your summer outfit can spoil your look. You need to make sure that the ensemble is well-balanced. For instance, if you are wearing bold prints and multiple textures, then you may want to tone down the bling factor in the accessories.

Here are a few fashion tips to keep in mind when dressing for sunny summer days:

Style Guide for Summer Outfits

There’s more to summer fashion than just dresses. You can try different kinds of tops and bottoms of varied lengths and fits to make your wardrobe more stylish. Here are few more options:


1. Say Hello to Summer Dresses

In the scorching heat, there is nothing more refreshing than a white cotton summer dress. Summer fashion clothing for women includes comfortable summer dresses. Wearing them is a great way to keep things stylish and relaxed.

Dresses in bright colors and varied pattern scan look great with flat sandals. Stay away from long maxi dresses during the day as the dealing with their length may get cumbersome. Rather, go for a colorful, thigh-length dress to be at ease.

Gingham dresses can be an excellent in the warm weather as the fabric is lightweight, highly-absorbent, and allows air to pass through it easily.



2. Fun with Flounces

When it comes to formal attire for office, you need not play it safe all the time. Adding vibrancy to formal clothes can lift your mood and keep you looking cool throughout the day. Wearing dresses or tops with flounces can be a great way to experiment with your summer look.

Flounces look quite decorative, so you can skip the accessories when sporting them. In fact, if the flounces on your top or dress are around the neckline or the shoulder, then you can pull your hair back in a high ponytail to highlight the frills.



3. Try Ponchos

Selecting summer clothes for a casual evening with friends can be difficult at times. You don’t want to be overdressed, but don’t want to look way too casual attire either. Not all kinds of clothes can be worn at both, work and casual outings. That’s when ponchos come in handy. You can pair a printed poncho top with skinny pants and loafers, ballet flats or even slippers for a smart-casual appearance.

Printed Poncho


4. Avoid Layering Your Clothes

For a trendy summer look, stick to wearing simple clothing as it can keep you relaxed even in hot weather. One way to do so is to avoid layering your clothes. It is better to let the leather jackets and heavy scarves remain in the closet for this season.

To look chic and trendy, try teaming cropped pants with a long shirt or a dress with a belt around the waist. Off-shoulder tops and belted tab-sleeved shirt dresses are some of the best bets for the summer as they can keep you cool during the day.

If you still want to layer your clothes, then team a lightweight long-line jacket with denim jeans and a pastel-colored top.

Go Beyond Clothes. Add Accessories to Your Attire

Accessories are known to accentuate your elegance and highlight the intricate details of your attire. As a fashionable woman, you not only need to pay attention to what you wear, but also ensure that you pick out the perfect set of earrings, neck pieces, head wears, and bags.

Mismatched accessories can spoil your entire ensemble. On the other hand, even the plainest dress worn with the right accessories can turn you into the most stylish lady in town.You don’t have to go overboard with outlandish pieces of jewelry if that is not your style. A simple addition, like a hairband with a small bow or a hair clip can add wonders.

Accessories and shoes


1. Make a Statement with Bold Neck pieces

Chokers have been a huge hit in the latest fashion shows this year, with Valentino Garavani, Coco Chanel and Christian Dior incorporating them in their spring/summer collections. Chokers are available in different styles and can make you look elegant.

You can make your neck piece the highlight of your attire by wearing it with a simple outfit with minimal patterns and designs. Donning thin metallic chokers garnished with iridescent stones can be a good way to make a statement without overdoing.

People who like to wear bold jewelry can go for pieces with intricate work, or jewelry made of stones, beads and pearls. Even ankle chains and elongated neck pieces with big pendants go well with simpler clothes.



2. Mix-and-Match Your Way Ahead

Experimenting with accessories can be tricky at times. For an unconventional look, you can try the mix-and-match way with your earrings. Pick out one earring each from two different sets and pair them. However, be careful to avoid making a complete disaster out of the experiment. Keep in mind the aesthetics of your look when deciding the combinations. For instance, you can try wearing long earrings with different geometrical details at the edges.

Complete the Look with Perfect Shoes

It can be difficult to decide what to wear each morning before heading out for the day, especially if you are pressed for time. The easiest solution is to decide on them the previous night. If you have your clothes decided one night before, then it will be easier to find the perfect pair of shoes to complete the look.

Summers can be fun and easy on your feet if you wear flats and sandals. Let your feet have a great summer by picking out chunky and flat form sandals, i.e., sandals with platform heels. Even loafers, wedges and mule sandals are fashionable and comfortable. They partially cover the top portion of the feet, thereby allowing air circulation.

You can also try sporting chunky block heels as they are comfortable for feet. For a quirky look, you can try bold platforms. For a casual evening, go for monochrome heels, tanned leather block heels, or ones with a shimmery look.



Dressing up in the summer can be fun if you blend style and comfort. Denim shorts and tank tops can be the most comfortable pair of clothing, but they cannot be worn for all occasions. Keep in mind the above tips as they can help you dress in the most fashionable manner this summer season.

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