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Cambodian Girl arrested for Stealing Identities

Marisa Sung

Cambodian Girl Arrested For Stealing Identities

A young girl from Cambodia named Vee (Short for Vischeka) was just arrested for stealing the identities of her many friends = frenemies. She would target young women who were very nice and vulnerable, mooch off of them and then steal their social security, passport, credit cards and other financial information. She wiped out quite a few of them. She was responsible for skipping out on thousands upon thousands of dollars of rent money, wiping out her the entire savings account of her "friends" and even went so far as to commit the same act against her very own sister! The women were left high and dry while she moved on from place to place and lived the high life via her new "friends". One girl in particular, took action by enlisting 20/20 and a private detective. They used social media to help find her. The many photos of Vee posted on social media eventually led to her capture. All of the girls were given back their expensive belongings but I don't think that they were ever compensated for their washed out savings accounts and massive credit card bills! :(

Vee (Vicheka Ly) was the youngest child of Immigrants who escaped from Cambodia with not a penny in their pocket! :( She always wanted money and beautiful things so she dropped out of high school to escape her socioeconomic status. She used her good looks to manipulate men and women all over the United States but primarily in the States of Oregon and California! It worked for her for too many years and she would often be so brazen as to go on shopping sprees along with the friends who she stole the credit cards from. They would watch her buy all of these luxury items and go out to party with their money, all the while unaware of this fact! Can you imagine?? She was finally arrested but her "frenemies" are the real victims in this case as they will never be compensated emotionally and/or financially! Now do you understand the trouble with illegal immigration?? There are so many "Vischekas" or "Vees" out there who are just waiting to prey on American Law Abiding Citizens who work very hard for their money!! :(

For more information, please go to:

Identity Thief Trailer

Marisa Sung
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We need to deport all of the Illegal Immigrants and reward the hard working students and professionals who actually have something to contribute to the Country but are denied entry! They are law abiding citizens of their own Country and are more than willing to contribute to the Economy and pay taxes. Enough is enough with allowing freeloaders into the Country at the great expense of the American Citizen Tax Payers! So many of them resort to crime at once again the expense of the American Tax Payers! I am really livid about this situation! The very rich like Hillary Clinton don't care because they have tremendous tax loop holes available to them and it doesn't affect her life in any way. It is very easy to be pro-illegal immigration in her shoes as she is in the top 1% of wealth! She is despicable! She is so money and power hungry that she stays in a marriage with a man who is a pervert and has violated her so many times! What kind of a "feminist" or leader is that?? It is very easy to say "don't be selfish or a sour puss" if the money isn't coming out of YOUR POCKET but rather benefits you personally from a political standpoint!! They are going to pick the pockets of the dying middle class and hardest working Americans in the Country in order to gain Democratic Control of the House, the Senate and the Presidency! So many of the Super Rich Americans who support their plight should be arrested and sent to Jail for Life like Stevie Cohen and Dick Fuld to name just a few. However, that list is growing increasingly long! :( They rape the American Economy with completely dishonest business practices in order to greatly increase their own private wealth with not a thought about anyone else! I suffered starting in 2008 along with too many of my hard working/ high tax paying friends for more than a few years because of this and the overall greed on Wall Street! Then these same potential jail birds have the audacity to tell you and me that we need to help the plight of the illegal immigrants! I don't think so. If you care so much, donate most of your own money to the cause. The Clintons are sitting pretty on their illegal personal profits while they go out and use other people's money to fund their organization in order to "do good in the world??" The most disturbing aspect of this issue is that we owe the Chinese Government more money than we could ever hope to pay back. We are hardly a fiscally healthy nation that could take on the plight of penniless immigrants! :(

Who Says You Can't Go Home

You need to go home stupid bitch.


I guess you're a Trump fan. You just spread hate about the immmigrants you stupid bitch! Not all these people are bad. If you want to wipe out all the immigrants then you need also to be wiped ou! The immigrants are better than to read your fucking shit!! Just report you bitch! Shame on you to be a Trump fan.I don't hope that you're an asian, because your parents are immigrants faggot. Hope you'll die soon!

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