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Abandoned Animals Brace for Winter

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Abandoned Animals Brace For Winter

It won’t be long before much of the country is buried under a blanket of white. This is the time of year when negligent animal care can turn into serious, life-threatening emergencies—especially for animals kept outdoors.

When local governments are faced with having to seize a large number of animals, including cats, dogs and horses neglected or abandoned during the winter months, they often turn to the ASPCA for assistance. Through grants and in-person staff deployments, the ASPCA helps sheriff’s offices, shelters and animal control agencies carry out these critical rescue missions.

Agencies around the country rely on the ASPCA’s help an expertise. We have already given 21 large-scale seizure/rehabilitation support grants (total $139,500) to equine rescue groups around the country. We expect these requests to skyrocket as the mercury dips, and winter rescues present unique challenges that can cause expenses to soar.

As you budget your holiday spending and pick out the perfect gifts for everyone on your list, remember the animals who are out there in the cold. Please consider making a donation today to help save at-risk animals this winter and all year long.

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