Michelle Porter

I am very curious about listening melodious songs and the list of songs which you have shared is doing best job for me. I enjoyed these songs and get my superior papers be written by professionals who are online for the assistance of all.


Yay! Hmong people are coming up. I've seen all these videos prior to this list. I really like Proto J and Jade Lee. Never really heard of the others outside of youtube. I also think that Jade Lee has two other videos "That Boy" and "I'm Done" that was worthy of being on this list also. Overall, great job everyone, much pride.


Thank you Anonymous for your comment. This list is to help show multiple talented Hmong individuals, not just one person who has done one or two videos. This is also a way to help break the Hmong people's habit of staying within their comfort zone and branch out into other cultural diversity.


The Hmong community has definitely come a very long way in music. I've heard of a few of these artists but haven't heard of some. I'm definitely a big fan of Jade Lee. I think she is by far the most dynamic artist we have in the Hmong community. Much respect to the other artists also but we all have our favorites. :) Keep it up everyone and thank you clo for showing the world these wonderful artists.

180 points

Just because an artist is not signed to a major label does not mean they do not have something wonderful to offer. As clo pointed out YouTube is a great vehicle for these artists to get their sounds out there.

My favorites here were Kayla Hang and The FamiLy. I found Kayla on Twitter and YouTube so I can keep up with her career as she moves forward. Didn't find much info on The FamiLy but it was a quick search and I'll keep trying. Hope by The FamiLy had a great beat and an even better message.

I did find albums on iTunes from Jade Lee (3 Faces Of My Heart) from 2010 and DogDig (self titled) from 2012. As usual showing no discipline when I'm in iTunes I purchased both. I love music and always support those that create it.

Thank you clo for opening the door for me to visit these exciting artists. I'm grateful.


Never knew. Always great to discover new things.

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