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Alomune has been keeping me cold free so far


Alomune Has Been Keeping Me Cold Free So Far

I have been using this daily supplement called Alomune which contains ResistAid, a safe, natural extract of the larch tree clinically shown to have important immune benefits.

Alomune is the immune supplement you take when you do feel well and want help staying that way. I really think it is working!

With my hectic schedule, change of season, not to mention a few work-outs thrown in, I would have definitely had at least one cold by now.

A clinical trial on healthy adults suggested that those taking Alomune had significant increases over those taking placebo in the non-inflammatory, IgG adaptive immune response, when exposed to an immune challenge.

The body's natural defenses are made up of different components that work together to help it stay healthy. One key component is the adaptive immune response, which the body builds to defend against specific immune challenges it encounters.

Increases in the IgG adaptive immune response are generally accepted to indicate better defenses.

Take this once a day, instead of loading up on the Vitamin C, the minute you start feeling the cold like symptons coming on. It keeps you healthy, even with your hectic schedule and lack of sleep!

For more inforamtion visit www.alomune.com

This is not an advertorial!

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How does this compare to Cold FX or the flu shot?

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That's a good question for the Dr. Let's see if he'll answer it. I don't get flu shots (ew!), so that is definitely ONE difference!

There are no clinical trials comparing larch arabinogalactan to Panax ginseng (Cold-FX) or the flu shot. Although Cold-FX was found by the Center for Science in the Public Interest to be the one of the only natural products to have any evidence in cold prevention, the data is quite modest. Neither of the two trials in the general population using Cold-FX to prevent colds reached statistical significance (meaning the result may just have been chance). And the results themselves weren’t compelling. In the best case (and this is after the researchers resorted to secondary measures to try to find some kind of success), you have to give 11 people Cold-FX for 16 weeks to prevent one additional cold. In comparison, you have to have 7 people larch arabinogalactan over 12 weeks to prevent one additional cold, and the results did have statistical significance in the primary measurements. The flu shot has not been shown to have a meaningful effect in preventing colds in the general population.

Thanks for the well prepared explaination. My choice may boil down to the fact I can purchase Cold FX almost anywhere but Alomune has a restricted distribution network. The flu shots have moved into the news with the "floaters" discovered in the Novartis brand, but not the Glaxo Smith Kleine mix. And the person administering my injection was puzzled why I took a photo of the vial with my camera phone! Receipient beware!

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