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Winston Wu is a big Lu!


Winston Wu Is A Big Lu!

omg Jezebel reported on this complete tool bag named Winston Wu. This genius, who obviously never gets laid, came up with the 10 Reasons Men Should Avoid Marriage. As if! Hunny, men like you benefit from marriage because it locks the poor sap into coming home to you every night. Well, in the beginning, anyway. Lord knows she'll stray being married to that!

I mean, just look at him. He even comes up with his whole "10 Uncommon and Outstanding Things about Winston Wu". Well if you're so special, do we really need it spelled out for us? Thanks for the advertisement, but I'll pass.

Hey Winston! you forgot number 11) Due to the fact that I was born with a small penis, I need to take 5 hours out of my day to write "10 Uncommon and Outstanding Things about Winston Wu". Because now the women are really going to want me now! hardy har har!

See this is where men fall short. Poor Winston thinks we care about his ability to beat computers in Chess and Scrabble up to high levels.

No, no, no, no Winston! What women really want to know, is can you beat my vagina so hard at high levels of stamina, progression and force that we don't want to look or be with anyone else. Can you get us off and keep us captivated in bed.. Winston, you need to do more reading on the subject. You don't get laid or this would have been your first objective. It is not important to you. Beating the computer at chess is.

Marriage would be ideal for you as you can lock in a steady lay. Marriage for a hot, sexy girl would not work with you. She has options.

The point of my story is, Winston, you do not hold the cards in society because you are a male. That was the 80s and 90s. It is different today. Woman have options. All kinds of options. We can sleep with whoever we want. We can take care of ourselves so we don't have to come home to a man we are not interested in just because he is supporting us. We don't have to listen to why you think it's better marrying an Asian woman vs an Asian American woman. You are not a prize. You are not the be all, end all.

You are not a legend. Maybe a legend of the trolls?

Love your tagline: "Marriage is a trap. Stay out or get stuck."

Yeah ditto!

Jezebel then did a follow up: http://jezebel.com/5874834/meet-the-webs-weirdest-authority-on-american-...

Please make it stop!

I would also like to point out that my attraction toward Winston has nothing to do with his race. If he was a hot, confident Asian man, I would definitely date him. But a whiny, blame American women for my problems, don't get married or get stuck type of man is definitely disgusting and highly unattractive!

Instead of writing your 24 hours worth of articles, you could have been taking sex classes on how to get women off. Just a thought!

Good luck dating, Winston!


Luv your posts, Nancy. You crack me up!

Haven't heard from WW for a while. He used to be all up on all the Asian sites a year or two ago. And everyone everywhere had nothing but hate for him, both guys and girls. Except me.

I see WW as as Asian male in the Western world who tries to make the best out of the shit hand The Man dealt us. WW, before he came out(as it were)could freely read all the negative stuff about Asian males; how we're losers, ugly, passive, shy, quiet, victims who cannot pull ourselves up and be free, so to speak. Long Duk Dong and Willian Hung come to mind. The anti AM media continue their onslaught unabated and so many fall sway to the propaganda like sheeple.

WW is the kind of guy who refuses to be a victim. You won't find him whining that he can't get a date or the whole world is against us, therefore why bother. He's a fighter trying to do the best he can and maybe he overcompensates although I don't think so. You yourself, Nancy, claim you wouldn't date him if he were the last guy on Earth or some such.

But you have to admit, deep down, he intrigues you. The man's got game albeit a crazy, new, unusual kind of game but game nonetheless. I know game when I see it.

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Hi Winston, Thanks for posting! And no I don't think you have game!

I don't know Winston personally, though from a distance, his game is average at best. Nevertheless, I do agree with the first post, that Winston choose be a fighter. Poorly as the way he does it, he's bring the issue on the table.

There is a Very real, particularly targeted racism against Asian men in the United States. For example,
* In media, there are hundreds of white/black actors, but Asian men have been systematically exterminated.
* In education, who's the one getting hammered by affirmative action? Asians again. An Asian guy needs to score hundreds of points higher just to be treated on equal field as a white guy.
* In politics, being an Asian is a strike out.
etc, etc.

You literally have to be blind to not see the racism. In fact, there's more racism against Asian men in the United States than any other countries that I've been to. So let's not mock Winston, but really take a minute to reflect, why is Unites States targeting Asian men? More importantly, WHO is behind all these anti-Asian men movement?

Well ok, since you ask I cannot tell a lie. You need only see who is in charge of the mass media and, voila! You have your answer.

So next question would be if those in charge are just pandering to what they thing the mass audience wants to see or are they perpetrating the negative imagery on their own? An agenda or just plain dirty competition?

Thats because white americans are stupid and uncultured; ever wonder why the rest of the world hates them? Also, there are asian men in real life who are better looking than most actors. If anything, you see more asian actors than actresses. Oh and it doesnt matter what college you go to. Every woman would prefer a good looking asian over the majority of non-asians.

Whites have not done anything in modern times. Whites are the dummies of the world.

That's right! I hate Caucasians on this site! It's for Asians only and nobody outside the Asian race should be allowed to be a member. Especially that ugly Caucasian guy herbysan. All of his posts and videos are so stupid! As a Asian man I say let's unit and make this site only for Asians! If my daughter ever dated a white man I will never talk to her again. That's the Asian way! Stay only Asian, and never go outside your race.

Herbysan and I would love to date your daughter. When can we pick her up?

5736 points


Maybe this guy is LissLiss' father?

This is Winston. FYI, I didn't write that first comment. Someone else did. Actually, I do have game. But it only works with feminine women. My friends have seen me charm girls in a way that they can't do. I swear. They will tell you that.

Deep down I'm a very charming guy, but I'm not allowed to be myself in the US, only in countries where people appreciate me and where women act more feminine.

Nancy, you make a ton of false statements about me. You sound like a brainwashed liberal who is deluded. The dating scene outside the USA is millions of times better.

Who says I can't get laid? I've been laid over a hundred times now, by utilizing Global Dating. Sheesh. Have you seen my Photo Collage? It's total proof that my way works.


You need to learn more about me before judging. See my praises and testimonials linked from my About Me page:


Finally Nancy, you forgot to link these great rebuttals to the Jezebel articles about me:

Bernard Chaplin's rebuttal

Part 1:

Part 2:

Rex Patriarch's rebuttal

Rebuttals in my forum:

Thanks for blogging about me! You look pretty hot Nancy. :) Here is a rose for you: @}>---- (see I can be funny and charming after all :P)


6787 points

Where have you been
ah Winston Wu?
Tool because you're a lu!
What's your take on the Indian rape case? Bet you think they should all get off, for temporary insanity? Tool!

This is a topic that's near to my heart... Best wishes!
Exactly where are your contact details though?

One more thing Nancy, that tagline you refer to:

Love your tagline: "Marriage is a trap. Stay out or get stuck."

FYI, I didn't write that. That was inserted as the tagline in the YourTango version of my anti-marriage article. The community manager there inserted that in after editing it a little. Just wanted to clear that up.

Nancy, lol, did you do a Freudian slip when you wrote this?

"I would also like to point out that my attraction toward Winston has nothing to do with his race."

LOL did you mean to write "attraction"? lol

Btw, the reason I don't want marriage now is because I'm a freedom junkie who doesn't like to settle down. I like to leave my options open, not close them. You have to be a polyamorous type to understand. Some guys thrive on variety, not commitment or routine.

What is wrong with my complaining? So only women are allowed to complain but not men? That's sexist and unfair. The truth is, all my complaints are TRUE AND LEGIT. I am not the problem. I swear. The rigged dating scene is. Google "Steve Hoca" for proof of this. You are blaming the wrong person.


Marisa Sung
48391 points

Wow Winston Wu is totally into YOU! Nancy Lee, Winston Wu Wants YOU! I can feel the chemistry from here. :)

Poison-Every Rose Has Its Thorn

Yeah you're right Marisa Sung. I have the hots for Nancy and a "secret school boy crush" on her. :) I get the cooties everytime she walks by. Should I ask her to the prom? hehe. lol


67 points

As an Asian American male, I have to side with Winston in this debate. Nancy, you embody everything that Winston rails against in American women. In fact, Asian American women are barely distinguishable from other Western, feminist oriented women. That's why I avoid Westernized Asian women all together and go for foreign women (Latinas, Asians, Africans, Middle Eastern, etc.) because they still respect men and know their place in society.

Sun Fan
6184 points

I would like to know what you meant by "our place"?

Winston Wu speaks logic, while you do not. All you do is publicly hurl insults.

And why do you think women should have options, but men should not? Is that just one of your many female double standards?

You have a very ugly attitude.

Marisa Sung
48391 points

We are all for everyone having futures and options. After all, we are Asiance women! Publicly hurled insults can be logical or illogical depending upon the angle that you see them or er hurl them from? Winston Wu speaks too much if you ask me and sounds like a broken record. Go back to doing what you do best Player Chess.

You can change a so-called "ugly" attitude but unfortunately you cannot change an undoubtedly "ugly" face.

Marisa Sung
48391 points

Kind of like you can lose weight and firm up but you can never grow taller. Some things can be changed and others Never will! I know that I am "blessed" with my model height. :)

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Hi Nancy Lee,
Thanks for your critique of me. Check out all the compliments about you in my forum in response. :)


6787 points

Thank you so much for your feedback. I just can NOT wait to respond. And yes I plan on responding to all you fools aka tools who are posting on Winston Lu's lame website. I, unlike you, have a life, go on dates and don't sit and post to my blog all day. But I have plenty to say believe you me. Can't wait to share with all of you, my fans!

Hello, just wanted to say, I loved this blog post.
It was funny. Keep on posting!

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