Asian American Cheerleaders of the NFL

Issue: Jan 2011
Cover Story: "Asian American Cheerleaders of the NFL"

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Culture Asiance Open Mic

I come from a family of teachers, PhDs, and scientists. Telling them I wanted to do a little open mic stand-up comedy—just on the side of my full-time job—did not yield the most favorable response.

“Does your boyfriend know about this?” my mom asked in horror.

Of course not, mom! I wouldn’t dare tell him about such a deviant activity. My mom had no idea what stand-up comedy means, except that she thinks comedians only talk about topics related to sex and drugs. I comforted her to not worry about what my topics will be because I will never show a set to her anyway.

Travel Shop like a Stylist- Hip Stores on the border of Chinatown

So maybe Santa didn’t give you get exactly what you wanted for Christmas? No worries! Shop where the stylists and the kids that were too cool for school the hip areas surrounding.

Arts Asian Cheerleaders of the NFL

NFL cheerleaders are considered the crème de la crème of professional cheerleading, making public appearances and posing for swimsuit calendars every year.

A cheerleader for a National Football League franchise may not receive that much monetary compensation, but she will be able to travel the world on behalf of her team and have the prestige of being one of the best and most glamorous cheerleaders in the world!

Beauty Asian Eye Plastic Surgery

The popularity of cosmetic treatments among Asians is evident in the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons estimate that Asians last year had such procedures at a rate of 5.5 treatments for every 100 people. In comparison, the rate for Latinos was 3.2 per 100 and for blacks was 2.5 per 100. The rate for whites was lower than the Asian figure, at 4.4 procedures for 100 people.

Music Maurissa Tancharoen Whedon - A Hollywood Gem

Maurissa Tancharoen Whedon is a rarity in Hollywood. Her resume includes being a television writer/producer, singer, and actress – and she excels in each facet of her career like nobody’s business. Her producing credits include “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog” and “DanceLife.” Her writing credits include “Spartacus: Gods Of The Arena,” “Dollhouse,” ‘Drop Dead Diva,” “Commentary! The Musical,” “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog,” and “Oliver Beene.” She was a member of the R&B girl band, “Pretty in Pink,” and her acting credits include shows like “King of the Hill,” “Dr.

Career Kristen from the New Orleans Saints

This is Kristen's first season with the New Orleans Saintsations. She currently attends Louisiana State University and is pursuing a degree in Nursing. She plans on becoming a labor and delivery nurse. Tried and true loyalists to the City of New Orleans and their beloved New Orleans Saints, the New Orleans Saints Cheerleaders have served as volunteers to thousands of charities, ambassadors throughout the world for the City of New Orleans and the State of Louisiana, talented and athletic performers and dedicated football fans.

Career Jessica of the Washington Redskins

This is Jessica's 4th season with the Washington Redskins Cheerleaders. She is originally from San Francisco and loves going back home spend time with her family. Jessica is absolutely obsessed with her two pit bulls, Baby and Bing, so cuddling with them is the highlight of her day. She works as an executive assistant for an IT company and helps out at a yoga studio as Yoga is a huge passion hers and thus, is an essential part of her life.

Career Charo of the Washington Redskins

This is Charo's first season with the First Ladies of Football! She attended the University of Maryland College Park where she majored in business and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting. At the current time, Charo is working as a Tax Associate for a large international public accounting firm. She is in the middle of completing the CPA exam having completed the first two parts. From the Redskinettes to the First Ladies of Football, the Redskins Cheerleaders are the longest running cheerleading team in the NFL.

Career Tiffany of the San Diego Chargers

This is Tiffany’s 2nd season with the Charger Girls and her first year serving as a team captain. A Taiwan native, Tiffany was raised by her grandmother from the age of two until the age of seven. She then moved across the world for a long-awaited reunion and met her mother for the first time that she could remember. Tiffany admires her mother for her strong-will to provide a life of opportunities and is forever grateful for her love and for the sacrifices that she has made.

Career Duyen of the Houston Texans

This is Duyen's 2nd season with the Houston Texans Cheerleaders. She is originally from Irving, Texas and is currently a student at University. Duyen loves any type of curry, whether it's Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese or Indian. She also loves to bake and can make amazing mini-cupcakes. Not surprisingly, Duyen loves anything and everything that has to do with working out. Whether it is swimming, dancing, bowling, or yoga. The Houston Texans Cheerleaders pride themselves on being the fittest dance team in the National Football League.

Career Truly of the Miami Dolphins

This is Truly's 2nd year with the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders. She is originally from Middletown, New Jersey and loves the movie Garden State. Some things that make her cheer are Star Magazine, YouTube, Honey Grahams and her dog Bella! In the new millennium, the cheerleaders glamorized their look with shiny white boots and Rhinestoned uniforms. The squad has gone international as they have traveled and performed across the globe, shooting swimsuit calendars, performing on military tours and helping in local communities.

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