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Great article on your relationship with Tina! It's truly touching that with time you two could be together. I am Vietnamese and my boyfriend is Black with Honduran roots, so both of our families are based on tradition. My parents respect my boyfriend's traditional background and do not mind us being together. I definitely agree with taking caution with falling in love with someone of another race, religion, or nationality. My friend who is Vietnamese dated an Indonesian man who was Muslim and it didn't last longer than a year because her mother, a strict Catholic, disapproved of their relationship. She even tried to push Catholicism on her boyfriend. She realized that if she married him, she would have to compromise and/or convert. It got down to religion and "politics" and therefore their love could not transcend all of her concerns and they broke up. However, I will never stop believing that love is colorblind because love is love =)

Douglas Winslow Cooper
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Hong Nguyen,

Glad you liked the piece. Your terrific smile suggests you are enjoying life, which is wonderful.

Differences can be interesting or barriers. A young woman I dated steadily my sophomore year in college differed with me so much politically that we knew we would be arguing the rest of our lives. We still disagree, but she was kind enough to edit my book, Ting and I: A Memoir as a gift to Tina and me.

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Thank you - I am enjoying my life the best way I know how! =) I look forward to any other posts you may have and just might have to check out your book.

Marisa Sung
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Excellent article and wise observation: education and similarity of background do not guarantee a successful marriage. I am very happy that everything worked out so well for you and Tina! Every one should read your book. It is such an inspiring and romantic love story. I especially admire that you write, "I fell in love with Tina almost at first sight, in our Chinese language course." It inspires the rest of us to believe in love at first sight!

Douglas Winslow Cooper
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Thank you for your compliments. Falling in love with someone who returns that love and is worthy of your love is wonderful. When I sign TING AND I: A MEMOIR, I often write "To life and to love! Tina and Doug Cooper." Love at first sight is great, as long as your subsequent sights confirm your choice.

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