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Aquarius Decan 1 = January 20 to 30

Marisa Sung

Aquarius Decan 1 = January 20 To 30

General Review

Your unusual personality is so rare in this world that it must be addressed before anything else.
You owe your exceptional personality to your magnetic power, which radiates from you with so much force that it can be perceived from very far away, when you are not even there. It is this power which undoubtedly makes you a communicative person, full of warmth and comprehension.
Saturn has provided its conventional bias, and the influence of Uranus endows you with versatility, intelligence and intuition.


You should watch your nervousness very closely, because it could degenerate over time and turn into a real feeling of persecution. Unfortunately, you tire as a result of overextending yourself all of the time.

Conserve your strength, make sure you sleep enough, but stay away from sleeping pills. Natural infusions of verbena or linden could be helpful.

Love – Emotions

You don’t have any problems in this area that can’t be resolved if you want... and if you take the trouble.
Seduction and an even temperament are your main allies. You think that you always love sincerely.
And yet some contradictions in you could cause problems.
If only you knew exactly what you wanted more often, your emotional life would be much happier.
Your magnetism – which is important – combined with your intelligence and imagination, make up for certain inconsistencies in your attitude toward your loved one (or the person you desire).
You need to admire the person you are involved with to give him or her your confidence and love, but at the same time you need to preserve your freedom, or at least a reasonable degree of freedom.

Social Life

Freedom, independence and autonomy are the traits that govern you.
Creativity, originality and ingeniousness are the main qualities that dominate your daily activities, whether they are in a specific area of professional endeavor, or simply concern your domestic relationships.

You enjoy doing research and, despite your deeply individualistic nature, teamwork can really stimulate you.

Numbers have a determining influence on your life, both in games of chance (lotteries, horse races, etc.) and in your day-to-day activities.
Your golden number is 7, your lucky number par excellence. Use the number 7 as often as you can: for example, when you set up an important meeting, insist on the 7th day of the month, or 7 o’clock in the evening; When you use the train, get in the 7th car, etc.
For professional initiatives your most favorable number is 14. For travel or business speculation use the number 20.


What is your actual birthday Marisa? What time were you born?

Marisa Sung
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Why do you care to know "Anonymous"?

Just found you and your Aquarius Decan 1 is great and right on.

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