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Wow! Can't believe Casey Anthony got away with murder!


Wow! Can't Believe Casey Anthony Got Away With Murder!

OJ Simpson #2! That's all I can say! wth! What happened to that guy who found Caylee's body? We never saw him again!

Sun Fan
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she'll rot in hell!

Remember that she was not found to be innocent folks; she was acquitted because there wasn't enough evidence to send her to death. I personally believe that some (or most) within the Jury believed she was guilty, but because of lacking evidence, she was determined by law to be innocent. I think deep down they know she either did it, or was responsible, but what can we do? I believe she did it, and will most certainly get what's coming to her.

Sun Fan
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Casey, The Murderer, Anthony was just released! Look at her smug face about to break into laughter!

Douglas Winslow Cooper
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It seems likely to me that she used chloroform to put the child to sleep, but found her dead when she returned from partying. She rationalized this as an "accident" and so had little guilt and, apparently, little remorse. Self-absorbed and callous.

Our concern for the rights of the accused has been over-done by our court system. Justice should be the goal, not a perfect, never-wrongly-convict record. We could attain that by never convicting anyone.

The scneario I pictured above, if correct, would have warrented an involuntary manslaughter conviction, with many years, but not life, in prison.

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Doug - I agree. She used the chloroform to put her to sleep so she could go out. 1) where did the drowning in the swimming pool come from and 2) love how the mother lies and says she searched for the chloroform. That trial was a joke!

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