Well as I am a male I have encountered only one person I can truly say is a narcissist. A Chinese women whom I married with the best intentions. Not a young one (not one child policy princess) but she is now 49 and iam 52yrs old. I am an Australian.

All the red flags were there from the beginning however i thought that it was me. She would often say bad things even about her own countrymen to make her feel superior. She is an English teacher at a middle school and somehow thought she was greater than everyone.

I am lucky to have finished the relationship before she immigrated to Australia. It was not easy for me to do this as I am serious about marriage however i realized it had only been getting worse as she would often start to belittle me to promote her self-worth.

I think she wanted a white man to satisfy and increase her ego.

I had obviously been a fool but as i had warned her that the relationship would reach a point of no return. She would once did say, in her clear moments of reality, that she is not a human-being and she treats me terrible while i am so kind to her. Alas, it is another act worthy of an award.

I am just writing this to the women here to say that women can be like this as well. From a males perspective, if you feel the pain and sorrow that i am feeling then i am sorry this has happened to you.

I sincerely hope you meet someone that is a good, sincere man as i believe that i am.


Few additional tips: white men these days think that asian women are so crazy to get hooked up with them.. so you have to check what their motivation is to pursue you in the first place, don't beleive "am just into Asian, I've never attracted to western women", that's the N guy I last dated, it was a bull.. He lied, gaming me, being busy, I found his best friend strung out an asian for 3 years and he's an old 51 years old lade..I got out of the relationship in less than 2.5 months.. no muss no fuss, just cut him off, gone like a ghost! During the last date, I bluffed so much about my world travel experience, I could figuratively hear his teeth were grinding.. The next time he contacted me, I pretended I have a boyfriend.. Never invited him to my place, good judgement call!

Tip no 2: as a general rule, N is a product of broken home family, plus if he's in finance industry, that's double whammy, once you know his profile, it's your choice to stay away, just RUN, real fast. Those guys are poor miserable so broken ladies are much in better places..


These somehow don't sound like dates? I'm starting to believe society is loosing the art of dating and turning it into a psychological science assignment. Smalltalk in a supermarket lineup is probably more of a date!


Does this sound like someone you know?


All chinese males are narcississts.


There are some really good tips in here! Looking back on it, I think one of my ex-boyfriends was a narcissist!! Everything was always about him. If he was supposed to call me and didn't, he would blame it on me saying I don't care enough to talk to him. And whenever we hung out and he was giving me a break down of his day, it would literally be in story format. I think one of his stories went on for a full 30 minutes before I even had a chance to get a word in. I met him on one of those dating services last October and I finally came to the realization that he's never going to change and broke up with him in June. Online dating is such a joke! Needless to say, breaking it off did not go too well. He tried to break into my car once and sent pretty nasty text messages to my phone for quite some time...I've definitely learned to stay away from those types! That's for sure.

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I just hope that appreciating your own beauty is not a sign of narcissism...because I'm probably guilty of. lol :D

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I recently watched the Sex in the City episode about Narcissism. I love the episode, with Margaret Cho, but never realized it was about Narcissism. Seems like things have gotten worse. Do you think it's the internet?

Marisa Sung
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Narcissistic men end up with the women who you would least expect! It follows Murphy's Law as they are so obsessed with perfection and beauty that they end up with the antithesis of it.

Didn't you know that this song was written for them?

jimmy soul - if you wanna be happy for the rest of your life

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That;s because men don't give a shit where they stick it. Get tested!

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