You missing out. New York? Ha! All people do is hibernate there. I am living in the Midwest so I know how the cold ass weather is. I been to the east coast and lived in the south. California is the only spot for Asian where it be popping FOR US, and Hawaii. Everybody knows that. I lived and was born in Cali finally left when I was 27 after moving back in forth several times. Out of all the other states I lived in and travel to, ain't nothing like Cali. I been to Washington, Hawaii, Nevada(Vegas!), Texas, Georgia(ATL baby, shutout to all the Asian on CHERRYHILL ST.!), Indiana, Michigan, Illinois(shutout to ChiTown!), the list goes on. And I been overseas! Cali is the only place where you can find lots of Asian men that actually have some balls and are outgoing. When I moved here to the Midwest, I was like wtf!? Kind of of stuck but I'm working on relocating again. Maybe to New Mexico or Colorado next, not sure. You go to the Central Valley like Sacramento or Stockton we really get down over there, and maybe Fresno. The Bay Area is also a good spot to find some good looking and out going Asians. In SoCal I can only speak for Long Beach, San Diego and LA. Even thought I was living in Anaheim but it was whack there.

The only type of Asian you will find that can match a black man is SouthEast Asian. We dance, most of us is nymphos (Gotta do it every hour), most of us if not all are really bad ass chefs and can throw down in the kitchen (I know I can and many of my fellow Pinoys, Khmer, Laotian, Thai, Indian and Viet, Oh, Oh and Burmese), being fighters-it's in our blood; we have big and strong legs compare to your average black man. Don't believe me start look at them, look at Mike Tyson or Mayweather skinny ass hell! I can't count how many of my cousins, friends and myself date and have kids out of our race and get compliments, I mean MAD compliments from Latina (which I love) and black girls. Even here in the Midwest I attract Hispanic girls. People always think I'm mixed with Mexican. As cocky as I am sounding, I slept with 18 girls. For some that nothing, for some that is a lot. For me...I never thought I reach that number,18!? LOL. After the 4th girlfriend I was like fuck it I went all out. I dated Filipina, Laotian, Khmer, Viet, Hmong, Khmu, Japanese, Mexican, Black, White, and mixed girls! Some... I will admit even cheated on their man just to have a fling with me. Some where even my sister friends and my sister doesn't even know about. We see each other on the streets or at a party and act like nothing happen. I never cheated on a girls that I dated just thought I throw that out. The only race I haven't slept with, kiss, or dated is Middle Eastern. And all these girls that I been with I did myself, I was usually on my own doing my thing and shit just happen. Either we end up dating or it's a fling. I would just bump into them at the laundry mat, in a college class course, at work, bars, clubs, just some random place. I'm loving it! I am in my 30's now and have no means of settling down anytime soon, haha. No kids too!

Come to Stockton, California. My hometown and see what kind of Asian guys we got there. You be surprise. After that then go to downtown Sacramento, then head to the Bay Area. Certain parts of Cali have certain types of Asians ETHNICITY and CLASS. You got one city that would have lots of thuggy Asian and some cities with some really corny ass Asians. Then you would find certain cities where it just practically once specific kind of Asian. You got remember too Cali is a BIG ASS STATE. Compare that to NY =). You will see what I am talking about when you travel and get to know more people. Where I am living now....Pfff... NO COMMENT, WHACK! LOL, but hey I got some PUTANG at least while I'm living here hahahaahah. =)


Wow! A geographic rating of sexual potential. Everything but GPS coordinates and a universal sexual rating system....although I'm sure you have some great memories. Thanks for tour of the world....without leaving the USA!


I quote "Please take note, that I did not mention penis size in my last column, since comparisons are very similar, but in THIS column, I must point out that the Asian man can't compete. It’s huge! Like big ass pipe huge!" but yet, you say that the asian small penis is a stereotype. Are you saying that asians have HUGE dicks?


As a korean american woman i'ved dated whites Asian and Black. I'm currently married to a black man. what i learned is white are way over rated but are the easiest to get along with. Asian men tend to not come out there comfort zone often. what's awesome is they are into chivalry. Black men are very guarded. They protect themselves with a hard shell. The pro is once passed the tough exterior you get a marvin gaye. Oh yeah most black men are alphas. Why do you think White America tries so hard to demonize them.


When you say "I'm currently married......" it sounds like a stepping stone marriage and a change is in your future? But there are plenty of fish in the big melting pot......


Asians Chicks have flat booties!

3494 points

I Beg To Differ~~~


I just beg....that someday I can experience one.....


Guys, Nancy has Herpes.


I believe 30% of the population has it and same for the shingles virus. It's not like we're all going to hook up with Nancy in this medium. Hopefully she had fun getting it, but maybe that's that's a little too personal for discussion in this forum. Although she's gruff in literary style, I still look forward to her commentary. These little iPad condoms for my fingers will protect me.

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