I have been dating in a bar many times. This is a new and different story for me. I enjoy reading this.

Anonymous Why don't you have fun when you do this? You left too early when a couple of guys could've approached you. The night was still young. I'm not a girl but a guy, and it's different for me because I have to do all the approaching. It's fine to be self-conscious going solo in a bar -of all places-, even guys who aren't used to it may feel like they have to explain why they're all by themselves. But once you've done it a few times (I've talked to groups of girls solo) u learn how to have fun and it doesn't matter anymore if you're by yourself. In fact people will notice that you're a fun genuine person & they won't even care where your friends are.
Liz Hi there, This was just the first of three installments about my solo bar adventures. Stick around to see if and when things start to turn around for me.

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